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I Am Legend Prequel and Sequel Ideas Revealed; Movie Not Happening

Talk has been circulating about a sequel to the I Am Legend Will Smith film for a while now, and website i09 caught up with writer/producer Akiva Goldsman, who shared many of the failed ideas floating about, while also confirming that a sequel or prequel will never happen.

Official - Will Smith NOT in Independence Day Sequel

If you were hoping to see Will Smith leading a charge through an alien-infested landscape in the upcoming sequel to Independence Day, this next bit of news will surely leave you on the disappointed side of the fence.

D.J. Caruso Selling Time to Will Smith

Just a quick update here on a story that broke in October. Back then we told you that Will Smith was circling a new supernatural flick called Selling Time. Well, big Willy is still circling, but now a director has come on board.

Independence Day Sequel Pushed Back a Year

Apparently the evil alien race that is hellbent on the extinction of humanity is gonna have to wait a bit longer to sink their split-fingered claws into us as the Independence Day sequel has been pushed back a full year.

Independence Day Sequel Has Two Scripts; One with Will Smith and One Without?!

Is Will Smith going to be reprising his role of Captain Steven Hiller for the upcoming sequel to Independence Day, or is he not? This is the question that's been hanging in the balance for what seems like forever now.

Will Smith to Start Selling Time

A new supernatural thriller is on the way that will see star Will Smith begin to start Selling Time. Let's just hope this isn't a practice run for a stint selling "bling" late night on QVC in like 20 years.

Chronicle Star Michael B. Jordan to Battle Aliens in Independence Day Sequel?

Though we're still unsure whether or not Will Smith will return for ID Forever, a two-part affair that will serve as a sequel to Independence Day, we do know that Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum are on board to reprise their roles.

Don't Count Will Smith Out of Independence Day Sequel Just Yet!

Earlier this year came the sad news that Will Smith would not be reprising the role of Captain Steven Hiller for Roland Emmerich's upcoming Independence Day sequel, tentatively titled ID Forever Part 1.

Will Smith Won't Be Saving the World In Independence Day Sequel

Could there have been anyone better than Will Smith's Captain Steven Hiller to deliver the final death blow to the invading alien horde in the classic film Independence Day? Filmmakers had better hope so because they've confirmed that Smith won't be called to duty again.

Vampires Go Biblical with Will Smith in The Redemption of Cain

For gamers out there like us who get excited any time they see anything remotely resembling a reference to The Legacy of Kain video game, sadly, this is not our day. Instead we have vampires putting the bite on the good book with Will Smith making it all happen.

Will Smith into I Am Legend 2... If it's Great

We brought you the news a while back that Warner Brothers was moving ahead with another I Am Legend flick, but beyond that there weren't many details available. Recently the star of the first film, Will Smith, spoke to the BBC regarding if he'll be back for more.

Is the Galaxy Safe from our Men in Black 3 Review?

If there's one reason we can think of to see Men in Black 3 this weekend, it is to check out the stunning practical effects work from Rick Baker. Nobody does monsters or aliens better. But how does the rest of the flick fare?

Men in Black 3 (2012)

Starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Jermaine Clement, Emma Thompson Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld

Spanish Ghosts Graduate to English Language Remake

In Hollywood's never ending quest to remake any foreign film that it possibly can for English speaking audiences too lazy to read subtitles, we've got another on the horizon. Read on. Or don't. Other than what the movie is you've heard it all before.

Great Look at Some Nifty Men in Black 3 Alien Effects Work

Oh, Rick Baker. You remind us every day how friggin' cool practical effects work is in comparison to the usual CGI crap we're spoon fed. Entertainment Weekly got some incredible shots of some of MIB3's 127 different Baker created creatures, and we have 'em for you right here.