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First Theatre Listings Announced for The Bay

Most of us who've seen The Bay (review) found it pretty terrifying on several levels. You'll have your chance to get skeeved out by the nasty creatures depicted in the film on November 2nd, when it hits VOD and limited theatres. Actually, not so limited... check out the first group of cinemas who'll be showing it starting this weekend.

Exclusive: Oscar Winning Director Barry Levinson Talks Horror on a Small Scale in The Bay

With The Bay (review) hitting theatres and VOD this weekend we sat down with director Barry Levinson to talk horror, found footage, Isopods, and more!

Exclusive Images from The Bay Bring the Bloodshed

Around these parts we're pretty stoked for you cats to see the upcoming flick The Bay (review). Why? Because it's hands down one of the most frightening flicks of the year.

Two Clips from The Bay to Get Your Skin Crawling

Having recently seen The Bay (review), I can assure you of one thing... the film is brilliant and absolutely terrifying! Seriously, I'm still kind of reeling from the flick. Best found footage movie in years!

A New Clip from The Bay Needs Some Help

A new clip from The Bay (review) has washed ashore, and we don't know if you should watch it or run from its germ-spreading terrors immediately. Either way, keep some hand sanitizer handy!

Bay, The (2012)

Starring Will Rogers, Stephen Kunken, Kether Donohue, Christopher Denham, Frank Deal, Kristen Connolly Directed by Barry Levinson

Roadside Attractions Taking us to The Bay in November

Roadside Attractions has announced a November 2nd release for Barry Levinson’s eco-horror The Bay, which will world premiere in September in the Toronto International Film Festival’s Midnight Madness section. The found footage flick was originally to be released via Lionsgate.

Concept Art from The Bay Features Creature Action

While we have zero idea what is going on with Lionsgate's creature feature The Bay, some concept art from Daniel Colon has made its way online to offer up a possible look at some of the action. Dig it!

Update: Lionsgate NOT Taking Us to The Bay in October

Well. This is a bit on the strange side given the lack of any fanfare or news. If the following report from The Georgetown Times is to be believed, we may just be seeing Barry Levinson's tale of things gone horribly awry in a small town, The Bay, this October.

Lionsgate Takes Us to The Bay

Finally Barry Levinson's tale of things gone horribly awry in a small towm, The Bay, has a home, and we have got all of the details that you need to get the blood pumping for some good old fashioned nature-run-amok action! Dig it! From the Press Release

Things Get Gruesome in The Bay

We've been talking about Barry Levinson's The Bay for a while, and up until now all we've been able to do is talk. However, we have just gotten our hands on some nice slices of disturbing to get you through your afternoon.

Horror Invades Georgetown in The Bay

Barry Levinson's The Bay is shooting as we speak and the ever-so-vigilant DC reader Avery sent us over information on this upcoming eco-thriller to share by the boatload!

New Synopsis for The Bay

A fresh plot crunch for Barry Levinson's new zombie eco-thriller The Bay has come our way and since we keep you guys abreast of every little thing, we figured we'd share!

Go Behind-the-Scenes with the Isopods in The Bay

To go along with yesterday's casting news a couple of behind-the-scenes videos for Barry Levinson's new zombie eco-thriller The Bay, which is now filming in Georgetown County, SC, have surfaced and we have every (sea) bugged out moment for you!

Casting News: First Victims of Evil Isopods in The Bay

Ever since the first time I saw an image of an Isopod, the damned thing became burned into my memory forever. As a result the amount of skin crawling potential for Barry Levinson's new zombie eco-thriller The Bay knows no bounds. The first casting news has come, and we have it for you sans pincers and multiple legs.