The Wicked

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It's Monday, and we figured the best way to kick it off would be to give you guys a chance to score not one, not two, but three new horror DVD's, including next week's release of The Wicked! Read on for details.

New Clip from The Wicked Will Grind Your Bones to Make Some Bread

It's Hump Day. The work week is officially half over, and the weekend is finally in sight! That being said, it's time to get a little bloody. Well, okay, a lot bloody with this new clip from Image Entertainment's The Wicked!

Two More Clips from The Wicked Bewitch You

Another two clips from Image Entertainment's latest release, The Wicked, are here, and one of them features a few kids in a truly horrid situation while our title character does a whole lot more than just menace them. Check 'em out!

New Clip from The Wicked Will Have You Hearing Things

It's time to add some red stuff to your afternoon, and no, we don't mean ketchup. Or catsup for that matter... remember when it was called that? Where the hell did that name come from anyway? It doesn't even make sense.

Check Out this Wicked New Trailer

It's good to see witches being wicked again in the movies. Let's face it; if people made movies about how practicing witches actually are, we'd be pretty bored by their peaceful and earthy ways. That being said, let this new trailer for The Wicked take you to the dark land of make believe.

Image Unleashes The Wicked in April

Ding dong! The witch is dead. Which old witch? The wicked witch! Ding dong! The wicked witch is dead. Well, maybe she's more like undead. Yes, that shall suit our needs just fine when speaking about the new flick from Image Entertainment, The Wicked.

New Trailer for The Wicked Eats Children to Stay Young

The official sales trailer for The Wicked has come our way, and let me tell you: This witch is a real bitch! Check it out and hide your kids, pets, and or smallish friends. This lady has one hell of an appetite. Dig it!

Check out Wicked First Trailer for The Wicked

We've got a boss new teaser trailer for you to look at from the upcoming micro-budget horror film The Wicked. Even with a tiny wallet, this film manages to work in some cool F/X, a sick looking witch-thing and some good looking ladies as well.

AFM 2011: A Third Look at The Wicked

What's this? Another look at the upcoming witchery of The Wicked? Why not!?! We love witches. Especially the evil hot ones who enjoy maiming nubile young teens. They perform one hell of a service! Dig it!

AFM 2011: Walk Through the Forest of The Wicked

Time to add a bit more witchery to your AFM coverage as we have another look at the upcoming flick The Wicked for you! Hold the pointy hat, of course. That's just been done too many times.

Get Victimized by the First Image from The Wicked

Amazingly enough, evil witches of all things have never been hotter in pop culture. I can't remember the last time they were so prevalent. From TV shows to books to blockbuster movies, these old hags aren't going anywhere any time soon, that's for sure. Another flick heading into AFM featuring these big bads is The Wicked, and we've got the first still for you right here!

The Wicked Home to a New Witch

When it comes to witches, it's really hard to not picture the classic get-up used in The Wizard of Oz. The pointy hat ... the green skin ... it's just classic stuff, man. However, truly evil witches aren't played for camp value. In fact, they can be downright frightening.