Whitney Able

Exclusive: Whitney Able Sheds Light on Dark

The massive 2003 blackout that engulfed New York and several other states in complete darkness was a scary time for many East Coasters. Of course that translates into perfect fodder for a horror film. On tap right now is an exclusive video with actress Whitney Able talking about her new project Dark.

Watch the First 18 Minutes of Tales of an Ancient Empire

Albert Pyun's long gestating Tales of an Ancient Empire has been picked up for distribution by Liongate, but apparently the version we'll all be able to see starting January 24th isn't exactly the director's own vision for the film so he's decided to release the first 18 minutes of his cut for comparison's sake. Check it out!

International Trailer for Tales of an Ancient Empire

It's been making the festival rounds lately, and in advance of its release around the world soon, an international trailer has hit the Internet for Albert Pyun's long awaited Tales of an Ancient Empire, and of course we have it for you right here!

Monsters (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Whitney Able, Scoot McNairy Directed by Gareth Edwards

Motion Picture Purgatory: Monsters

Some folks are raving about Monsters, Gareth Edwards' take on the alien invasion angle, while others are less enthusiastic. As our regular readers know, however, no film is every fully reviewed until Trembles has gotten his hands on it. Synopsis

New Monsters One-Sheet Surveys the Damage

Yet another one-sheet for Gareth Edwards' take on the alien invasion angle, Monsters, has made its way online, and just like the other dozen bits of artwork made for this flick, we have it here for your horror-loving eyes! Look for the film in limited theatrical release starting today! Synopsis

Two New One-Sheets - Gareth Edwards' Monsters

Two new tasty and tentacled bits of artwork have just debuted online for Gareth Edwards' take on the alien invasion angle, Monsters, and we have every single extraterrestrial appendage at your disposal! Look for the flick on October 29th. Synopsis

Learn How it All Went Down in New Monsters Clip

Wondering how fast things can fall apart? This latest clip from Gareth Edwards' creature feature Monsters will provide you with a bit of a history lesson! Look for the flick on October 29th. Synopsis

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Monsters Prize Pack!

With the release of Gareth Edwards' Monsters on September 24th onto iTunes, VOD, Xbox, PlayStation and Amazon.com, we have your chance to score a giant sized bundle of swag!

Survey the Damage with New Images from Monsters

Several new images have come our way for Gareth Edwards' District 9-esque flick, Monsters, and rather than being stingy we have decided to share. Why? Because you always play so nice with us! Look for the flick on October 29th. Synopsis

Green Band Trailer Debut - Gareth Edwards' Monsters

The official green band trailer for Gareth Edwards' District 9-esque flick, Monsters, made its online debut today; and just like everything else we've seen from the flick, it's a winner! Dig it! Look for the flick on October 29th. Synopsis

New Monsters One-Sheet Has a Challenge for You

One flick at the top of our must-see list is without question Gareth Edwards' District 9-esque flick, Monsters. Every bit of the promo material for it thus far has been enticing, including this latest one-sheet that challenges us to adapt! Look for the flick on October 29th. Synopsis

Exclusive: Director Gareth Edwards Talks Monsters

Immediately following its US premiere during the 2010 SXSW Film Festival, Gareth Edwards’ Monsters became one of the more buzzed about films from the festival. The movie takes audiences into a world where aliens have existed on Earth for six years after a NASA probe crashes in Mexico, infecting the area with new life forms. Amidst this dangerous new world two strangers set off on a dangerous journey from Mexico through the infected zone so that they both can safely return to their lives in the United States.

New Behind-the-Scenes Featurette: Gareth Edwards' Monsters

A pretty cool behind-the-scenes featurette for the new creature feature that just about everyone is talking about, Gareth Edwards' District 9-like Monsters, has hit online; and we have the beast tamed and ready for your viewing!

New HD Trailer for Gareth Edwards' Monsters

Gareth Edwards' Monsters will be available On Demand starting September 24th, with its theatrical debut a little over a month later on October 29th, and today Magnet has released a new HD trailer that shows off a bit more of what we can expect.