White Zombie

B-Sides: Snake Plissken Is The One

John Carpenter and Kurt Russell brought Snake Plissken back to the big screen 15 years after he escaped from New York. This time, earthquake-ravaged Los Angeles was the geographic prison he had to infiltrate and escape from. The results were a mixed bag at best, but the theme song by White Zombie was definitely “The One.”

Mondo Releasing The Thing, Son of Frankenstein, and White Zombie Posters on May 23rd

Honestly, we thought about not doing this story so we'd have a better chance of scoring one of these bad boys ourselves, but because we love you guys, here's news on the latest Mondo posters coming our way.

Another White Zombie Rises from the Grave

Indie filmmaker Creep Creepersin is at it again. The prolific low budget film director is back, this time with a remake of the Bela Lugosi classic White Zombie. How'd it turn out? Watch the trailer for yourselves and let us know what you think.