Wesley Strick

Rachael Taylor Finds Herself a Loft

And the hot chicks continue to file their way into Loft. What curvaceous cutie is next in line for some good old fashioned terror, you wonder? Never fear, kids! We've got all the details you need right here. Minus the Kleenex of course.

Hot Chicks Begin Checking into the Loft

Sausage Party no more! The cast members of Loft are about to get an influx of estrogen into their horrid happenings. Who's the first lady to check in? Read on for the details, and try not to drool at the thought of sharing a place with her.

James Marsden and Patrick Wilson Find Horror in the Loft

Hey, man, it happens. You're trying to cheat on your wife, you don't wanna get caught. You get advice from friends. It's all fine and good until corpses start showing up.

Elm Street Reboot Script Review

Get ready for the most unique script review you've ever seen. El Mayimbe over at Latino Review has put up a video review of Platinum Dunes' script for the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake. You need to check this out ASAP!

New Nightmare Writer Hired

New Line is making its move to bring the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise back into the limelight. THR reports this morning that Doom and Wolf writer Wesley Strick has been brought on board to author the script that will re-invent Freddy Krueger for the 21st Century.