Wes Craven

New Scream 4 Images Prove that A Killers Life Isn't Always Exciting

You know, all that stabbing and slashing can take a toll on a savage killer. And as for stalking? Jesus, that could take forever! You have to have the patience of a saint to get it right. Thankfully GhostFace does. Check out the latest (and most hilarious) Scream 4 imagery below courtesy of R.J. Torbert on Twitter.

New Scream 4 One-Sheet Gets to the Point

Okay, now this one we like. A lot. Finally some bitchin' artwork has come to light for the upcoming cinematic return of Ghostface. Get ready to dig on every pointy pixel!

Scream Trilogy Finally Hitting Blu-ray

Well it was bound to happen. Now that Lionsgate, Studiocanal and Miramax announced that they have entered into a worldwide home entertainment distribution deal, we're going to seeing a lot of releases we've all been waiting for hitting Blu-ray high definition, including the first three entries of a franchise people are screaming over.

Wes Craven Accidentally Reveals Identity of Killer in Scream 4

UPDATE: Read our Scream 4 REVIEW. In this day and age of technology, instant information, and camera phones, it's easy for things you don't necessarily want out there to escape. Such is the case here. Read on for spoilers at your own risk.

GhostFace Critiques Wes Craven on Set of Scream 4

Another behind-the-scenes image from the set of the now shooting Scream 4 has been posted via Wes Craven's Twitter account, thus proving everyone's a critic ... even GhostFace!

Wes Craven Warms Up Props on Set of Scream 4

While putting the finishing touches on his latest film, Scream 4, director Wes Craven decided to playfully post a new image from the now bustling set showcasing GhostFace's implements of choice. Dig on the image below which just appeared on Craven's Twitter page.

Wes Craven Offers Scream 4 Re-Shoot Clarification

Wes Craven has finally given the straight dope pertaining to the additional filming going on for Scream 4, and hopefully it will ease the minds of fans who believe the word "reshoots" mean the movie is in trouble.

One-Sheet Debut: Scream 4

The latest one-sheet for the fourth film in Wes Craven's stab happy franchise, Scream 4, is here; and it proves to be delightfully familiar for fans of the series!

Wes Craven Confirms Scream 4 Re-Shoots, Posts New Image

Word broke last week that Wes Craven might be going back to Michigan for some additional shooting on Scream 4, and over the weekend the man himself confirmed it via his Twitter account and even posted a new image of actress Alison Brie!

Scream 4 Undergoing Reshoots?

It sounds as if Wes Craven is getting back behind the camera for the latest entry into his Scream franchise. We wouldn't be too concerned though. Sometimes you just need that little extra to push a project over the top.

Ghostface Ready to Strike in Latest Scream 4 Image

Finally we get a little Ghostface action! A new image from Wes Craven's long anticipated Scream 4 has arrived and it features star Emma Roberts enjoying what could be her last few precious seconds of screen time! Dig it!

Finally the New Scream 4 Trailer Debuts and ...

... It's the same one from Canada that was leaked last weekend. Still, we were told to take it down via a cease and desist so if you missed it before, get ready for an eyeful!

Gale and Dewey Look Serious in Latest Scream 4 Image

A new image from the fourth entry in Wes Craven's stab-happy horror franchise has made its way online featuring, well ... exactly what the headline says it does. Something wrong with just the facts lately?

NECA Bringing Two Versions of Ghostface Figures Based on Scream 4

NECA Toys has long been one of the best outfits around in terms of doling out the most badass horror collectibles to be found anywhere. Our walls are already adorned with their stuff but it looks as if we're gonna have to make a little more room for these new Scream 4 figures!