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Trailer Debut: Wes Craven's My Soul to Take

Finally the trailer has come for the long talked about Wes Craven flick My Soul to Take. The good news? Things are looking pretty decent, though we can't help but wonder how the added 3D effect is gonna serve the final product. Tell us what you think inside! Look for My Soul to Take in theatres on October 8th, 2010. Synopsis

Wes Craven's My Soul to Take Coming at Us Earlier

Two news stories about the same movie within several hours of each other? Yep, we are anal retentive, but we gotta keep you up-to-date on your horror knowledge so that you can offend your neighbors and have your friends think you're either a freak or just friggin' cool!

First Look at the Teaser Art for Wes Craven's My Soul to Take

Eagle-eyed reader Joey M. just sent in what is your first look at the upcoming teaser one-sheet for Wes Craven's My Soul to Take. Not bad at all!

New Scream 4 Image - Hayden Panettiere Gets 'The Call'

The words will live on as a part of horror history forever - "Do you like scary movies?" When Drew Barrymore first got the call in 1996's Scream, it was like the slasher sub-genre got a shot of adrenaline that hasn't worn off yet. With the latest sequel, Scream 4, now in production, it looks old Ghostface is back up to his old reach out and stalk someone type tricks.

R.J. Torbert Talks the GhostFace Mask and Scream 4

What an insane feeling it must be to have helped to create the look of one of the single most recognizable horror icons ever. For R.J. Torbert this feeling is an every day reality, and recently he spoke a bit about how the mask was chosen as well as the nagging rumor about their being more than just one look for GhostFace as he returns to the big screen with Wes Craven's upcoming slasherfest Scream 4.

Three New Images from Wes Craven's My Soul to Take

With its release date finally on the horizon, a few stills (or should we say screen grabs?) have shown up online for Wes Craven's latest fear film My Soul to Take (formerly 25/8). Dare you take a peek?

Wes Craven Provides Our First Look at Ghostface!

Ah, Twitter. How you've leveled the playing field. Obviously not content to let camera-happy onlookers steal any of his thunder, Wes Craven himself has posted our first good look at Ghostface from the currently lensing Scream 4.

Casey Becker Returns (Sort of) In Scream 4

With all of the speculation around Scream 4's storyline, this interesting set photo fits right in.

Three New Images to Scream 4

Some more behind-the-scenes imagery coming out from the Ann Arbor set of Wes Craven's Scream 4 or Scre4m for you cool kids playing along! Get ready for another look at the cast and even a bit of Ghostface inspired tomfoolery!

Scream 4: Determine Wes Craven's Destiny

One of the things that made the Scream franchise so popular was its many tongue-in-cheek (or knife-in-neck) cameos. Wes Craven is looking to make one in the latest entry, Scream 4, and he's turning to you, the fans, to figure out how it's all gonna go down.

Scream 4: MORE Images and Video

So it's been a little over twenty-four hours since the last Scream 4 story, and you know what that means!!!!!! Yup, we've got some more set photos for you to savor - and some video, too! C'mon in ... you know you want to!

New Scream 4 Image and Some Casting Rumor Control - Rachel McAdams and Shannen Doherty NOT in Movie

Ah, Scream 4. Much like Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 there seems to be a new story to speak about regarding you every day. While we don't know what tomorrow will bring we can deliver a new behind-the-scenes image and do some quick casting rumor control.

Scream 4: Roger L. Jackson Back to Voice Ghostface; Behind-the-Scenes Images: Hayden Panettiere & Emma Roberts

A couple of cool tidbits today for those of you out there looking for some good Scream 4 related news free of last week's weirdo drama nonsense.

Some More Light Shed on Scream 4 Woes

Round and round we go on the rumor wheel. After a really scary report this morning citing all kinds of trouble on the production of Scream 4, a bit more light has been shed on the whole Ehren Kruger replacing Kevin Williamson as writer aspect of things.

Scream 4 Woes? New Writer? Angry Stars?

Ah yes, the movie biz! So full of drama both on and off of the screen. The following at press time is nothing more than rumors; however, given the recent switch in actors, there might be a glimmer of truth to be had ...