The Howling: Reborn Trailer Bares its Fangs

Well, this is unexpected! The trailer for The Howling: Reborn has quietly made its way online, and we have every pixel of it here for you curiosity seekers out there! Dig it and tell us what you think!

Thomas Jane Ready to Wolf Out With The Lycan

Thomas Jane is one of the most versatile actors working within the industry today. For years he's been fighting sharks, punishing crooks, and even saving crazed Christians from the monsters in The Mist. Now it's time for him to get a bit long in the tooth!

A Game of Werewolves is Afoot

Though we're all still pretty much reeling from a recent twist on HBO's "Game of Thrones", yet another bit of foreign horror is afoot and ready to play its own kind of games, these involving lycanthropes and mucho mayhem!

Jack & Diane Find a Home at Magnolia

Good news for fans of lesbian werewolves or just anyone who wants to see Kylie Minogue kiss a girl (we're looking at YOU, Masked Slasher). Jack & Diane has nailed itself some distribution. Read on for the details.

Predator Producer Shot By a Hallow Pointe

It's been a while since we last spoke about the indie werewolf flick Hallow Pointe written by our own Joe Knetter, but there's been some pretty exciting movement as of late and that means it's time to share the details with you, our favorite fellow freaks!

Next Season of True Blood Promises Something Really Wicked

Sit down, my children, as we gaze deeply into our crystal ball ... the images are becoming clearer now. Cleeeaaarerrrr ... Yes, something ... Something is manifesting! It looks like, loooooks like ... Yes! A news teaser image for the upcoming season of everyone's favorite horny vampire show, HBO's "True Blood"!

Half Moon (2011)

Starring Tori Black, Marek Matousek, Torey D. Sutton Written and directed by Jason Toler

True Blood: New Promo Featuring Ryan Kwanten's Jason Stackhouse

It's a new week, but for "True Blood" fans not much has changed. Yep, waiting for the Season Four debut still sucks, but at least HBO has thrown us a bone with another new promo video, this time featuring Ryan Kwanten as Jason Stackhouse. And he's a bit ... shall we say ... tied up!

Sam Trammell Reminds True Blood Fans Waiting Sucks

It's time for fans of "True Blood" character Sam Merlotte to be reminded that "Waiting Sucks" when it comes to the upcoming Season Four of the popular HBO series. Here's another new teaser trailer, this time featuring star Sam Trammell. It also gives us a first look at Janina Gavankar as Luna, "a super-sexy public school teacher and shapeshifter."

Daniel Buran Joins True Blood as a Werewolf Packmaster

The cast of HBO's "True Blood" just got even better looking with the addition of Daniel Buran as Raoul, the werewolf packmaster of Shreveport.

Werewolf Themed "Virus" Music Video Becomes "Marked" Short Film

Paul Blom, one of the organizers of South Africa's HorrorFest, dropped us a line with news about another project he's involved with: "Virus", a music video by Cape Town-based, female-fronted industrial-metal band TERMINATRYX that has been expanded into an even more involved short film entitled "Marked".

Danny Boyle May Have Sharp Teeth

Danny Boyle, L.A. gangs, and werewolves. It just sounds so right, doesn't it? That's exactly what we may be getting should Boyle choose to direct an upcoming adaptation from long-time screenwriting collaborator Simon Beaufoy.

The Vampire Diaries: Preview of Episode 13, Daddy Issues

As those who watched last night's "The Vampire Diaries" are well aware, things are changing in Mystic Falls, and if showrunner Kevin Williamson's comment that "we end a chapter in the next three episodes" is any indication, we ain't seen nothing yet. Maybe this preview of Ep. 13, "Daddy Issues", will provide a hint of things to come.

Kevin Williamson Discusses the End of The Vampire Diaries Season 2 and Comments (Sort of) on Scream 4

In just a few short hours "The Vampire Diaries" returns from its seemingly interminable winter hiatus to begin the second half of its sophomore season. Executive producer Kevin Williams recently spoke at length about what fans can expect leading up to the season finale and even touched upon Scream 4 in connection with this generation’s relationship to horror movies.

The Vampire Diaires Wants You to 'Catch VD'; Asks If You've 'Got Wood?'

Oh, what scamps they have at The CW! As part of the network's promotional efforts for the return tomorrow night of its popular series "The Vampire Diaries", they're amping up the double entendres with two ad campaigns, one urging viewers to "Catch VD" and the other asking "Got Wood"?