Well Go USA

Well Go USA Acquires North American Rights to Sundance Favorite Killers

With the European Film Market kicking off this week in Berlin, expect lots of announcements, but first we have some North American distro news to share as Well Go USA Entertainment has just picked up those rights to the Sundance favorite Killers.

Hong Kong Horror Movie Rigor Mortis Takes a Bite Out of Overseas Box Office

We've had our eyes on the Hong Kong vampire flick Rigor Mortis for a while. U.S. audience have to wait several months before Juno Mak's bloody mixture of comedy and horror sees a Stateside release, but it's nice to see overseas audiences are embracing it.

Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes Lands Distro with Tribeca Film and Well Go USA

Tribeca Film and Well Go USA have acquired and will be releasing Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes, starring Jessica Biel and Kaya Scodelario, both theatrically and on demand in 4th quarter 2013.

Prepare to be Tormented in 3D on DVD and Blu-ray

Given how sucky 3D movies have been lately (I'm looking at YOU, Silent Hill: Revelation), we need something fresh to liven up the three-dimensional scene, and this new flick from the man behind The Grudge could do the trick!

Well Go USA Engaging in a Game of Deadball

The question beckons... why play baseball, football, basketball, or even soccer when you can play Deadball and have a blood-spattered good time. Seriously, this needs to become our national pastime STAT!

Get Bedevilled at Home!

Here's the thing... people need to stop traveling to remote islands. Things just never work out there. Locals are never friendly, and if you're lucky, by the time you leave you may just have most of your pieces intact.

Strippers vs. Werewolves to Bare it All on DVD and Blu-ray

Well Go USA just checked in with a quick home video update regarding Strippers vs. Werewolves! Pretty soon you, too, will be able to witness the mayhem of what happens when hot chicks begin beating off furry creatures of the night.

Fantasia 2012: New Images Torn Straight from the Doomsday Book

More images are coming out of this year's Fantasia International Film Festival. Up next for you cats are another couple of glimpses inside the new horror anthology from Korea, entitled Doomsday Book. The festival begins July 19 and will run all the way through August 7.

Well Go USA Opens the Doomsday Book

More distribution news coming out of Cannes... M-Line Distribution has sold the latest horror anthology from Korea, entitled Doomsday Book, to Well Go USA for North American distribution. No word on when we'll see this flick just yet, but at least we know it's coming!

Cool New Production Art for Strippers vs. Werewolves

With a sketchy premise of hot chicks fighting furry creatures of the night, it's almost a no-brainer that sooner or later we bring you some production art for Strippers vs. Werewolves! Dig it!

New Strippers vs. Werewolves Quad One-Sheet Has Folks Howling

Yeah, it's not very different from the American version (sans the quotes of course) but damn it, it's still worth another look. And then another after that. And another after that. And another after that. And another after that. And another after that ...

Travel Down the Shock Labyrinth in May

We've heard some mixed things about the next film to hit Blu-ray and DVD from Takashi Shimizu, Shock Labyrinth 3D. Soon enough, though, we'll each have a chance to decide for ourselves.

Strippers vs. Werewolves Finds a Stateside Home

Hearing people howl while women dance on poles will never be the same once Strippers vs. Werewolves hits home video courtesy of Well Go USA, which has picked up North American rights to the flick! The release date is forthcoming.

Splintered Finally Makes it Ashore in March

It's been a long road getting this import out of the UK onto Stateside DVD and Blu-ray, but it's well on its way, and we have all the details on what to expect once it's here!

Japan Flix and Well Go USA Team Up To Stream You Nightmares

Ain't technology grand? Thanks to the wonders of streaming video services, you can watch an entire library of films without every leaving the comfort of the couch cushion custom-contoured to your ass. And we're pleased to announce a new partnership that will help you see some truly unique, hard to find titles.