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The Vampire Diaries Shows Off Its Darker Truth

One of the things Dread Central wasn't able to squeeze into its schedule during the recent San Diego Comic-Con was the preview of the first episode of The CW's "The Vampire Diaries" that was shown over the weekend. So we're still not sure if it's just more of the same Twilight-esque tween fodder or something a bit more edgy. Perhaps its four-episode prequel web series "A Darker Truth" will shed a bit of light on the show's intentions.

Blair Witch Co-Creator Goes ParaAbnormal

Now this is an idea with potential. It seems like every paranormal investigator in the world has his own show now, and you can always tell when something has lingered in the public consciousness for too long when it gets its own parody. That's exactly what's happening with ParaAbnormal, a comedy web series about a group of intrepid ghost hunters.

As Darkness Falls, a New Horror Anthology Premieres Soon

Those of you pining for the days of anthology horror a la The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits might have a reason to rejoice. Beginning on July 3rd, you can see whether or not As Darkness Falls measures up to its peers.

Kelly Stables' Soul Fire is Rising

The “Evil Samara” from Ring 2, Kelly Stables, has joined the cast of Web series Soul Fire Rising, the story of a journey between Heaven and Hell, where "demons" and "wingers" fight for human souls in the ultimate battle for supremacy.

Blood Cell Web Series Will Star LonelyGirl15

Right now her claim to fame is being "LonelyGirl15", but soon people will know Jessica Rose as the star of "Blood Cell," an 18-webisode series on The WB.com.

Star Chicks Wreaking Havoc!

I know. I know. You like me having been sitting there wondering ... What on Earth have the hot chicks from Zombie Strippers (review here) been up to! Well ... you are about to find out! Apparently our lovelies are working on a deal with Lionsgate for a new web series. Check out the teaser below!

See 5 or Die's First Episode Now!

The pilot episode of 5 or Die (review), the new web series from Tom Holland, is now available for all to see via YouTube. 5 or Die centers around a mysterious, mangled killer who will appear in your room if you happen to watch his previous victim get killed on the Internet. The series will be hosted by Strike.TV soon!

Two Kirill Episodes Available Now!

Not sure how we weren't aware of this web series before, but Kirill (official site) is pretty damn cool. Instead of ruining it for you with loads of words, check out the trailer and first two episodes of the web series inside...

Creepshow: Raw Trailer!

Wilmer "Fez" Valderrama's upcoming web series Creepshow: RAW wasn't exactly something we were expecting or were really all that thrilled about back in August, but now we have a little more to base our judgement on thanks to a new trailer.

The Outbreak: The Interactive Zombie Movie!

Remember those grand days when FMV games were coming out and we all marveled at being able to semi-direct the onscreen action? I can't believe I bought a Sega CD just for that... At least technology has grown so fast that we can get the same kinda thrills for free!

5 or Die (Pilot Episode)

Reviewed by Kryten Syxx Starring Kevin Daniels, Brandon Fobbs, James Snyder, Madeline Zima Directed by Tom Holland Hosted by Strike TV

Pollak, Kevin (Vamped Out)

Legendary comedian Kevin Pollak isn’t generally thought of as a terrifying person. However, the guy who is known in Hollywood for bringing the funny is now bringing the fear (along with some humor) with his new Babelgum comedy web series “Vamped Out.” “Vamped Out” was conceived by Pollak and Jas

Daywalt, Drew (Fewdio, Camera Obscura)

The horror genre might be a better place because of the writer's strike a few years back. After all, if it hadn't been for the strike, Fewdio Productions may never have started and the world of independent horror would be an entirely different landscape. Originally founded by Drew Daywalt, David Sc