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Episode 2 of Resident Evil: First Hour Web Series Now Live!

So, did everyone have a chance to check out the new web series from Machinima.com, Resident Evil: First Hour? If so, you'll be happy to hear that Episode 2 is now live! If not, here's your chance to watch both Episodes 1 and 2 in preparation for the final two installments of this four-part series.

Throwing Stones Heads Into Full Slasher Mode for Season 2; Check Out the Exclusive Trailer and One-Sheet

The producers of the hit web series Throwing Stones have told us from the beginning that Season 1 was all about establishing the characters and Season 2 would begin the bloodbath. Well, get ready to see if they live up to their promise because Season 2 kicks off on January 3rd, 2012.

Here's a Web Series Guaranteed to Have You Scared Stiff

Horror is everywhere. You just have to know where to look. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we are no longer forced to wait for the big film companies to burp out a new horror offering for us (which more often than not is a big letdown). Simply by turning to the web, you can find web series created for the sole purpose of giving you nightmares. And we've recently discovered a great one…Scared Stiff.

The Lynchfield Stops Proves You Don't Get a Long Weekend Just Because of the Zombie Apocalypse

We've been lucky enough to get wind of some pretty impressive web series recently. Well, gorehounds, here's another to put on your radar. It’s a gory zombie bloodbath entitled The Lynchfield Stops.

Night Terrors Finds a Home at Dread Central After Being Banned Elsewhere

I love this story! Chris St. Croix and David Buchert are the co-creators of a new web series entitled Night Terrors. They've had the first episode, "The Keeper", taken down from several sites around the internet for containing "objectionable content". Well, the boys contacted Dread Central with their conundrum, and (being the fans of objectionable content that we are) we said, "Boys, you've got a home."

First Episode of Resident Evil: First Hour Web Series Now Live!

Machinima.com is at it again with a new live action fan film entitled Resident Evil: First Hour, which is a re-imagined prequel to Resident Evil 2 that follows Leon Kennedy. Read on for more info and to watch the first episode of this four-part web series.

DJ Raven Returns for The Dead Hour Season 2

Fans of the anthology-style web series The Dead Hour will be thrilled to know that host DJ Raven is back with more morbid tales of terror to delight you. And although the format may remind you of "Tales from the Crypt," I can guarantee you The Crypt Keeper never looked this good!

Camera Obscura: The Game Winners Announced!

We've done a lot of cool things here at Dread Central over the years, but one that stands out among the crowd was our participation with filmmaker Drew Daywalt to bring his fantastic web series Camera Obscura to the masses. A few weeks ago we let you know about a mobile game version of the spooky property, and now we have even more coolness to drop on you!

Zombies Abound in New Web Series Viva Berlin!

Nowadays everyone has a web series. There are so many out there that it's getting harder and harder to point you to the ones that are worth your time; however, in the case of "Viva Berlin"... well, let's just say that you'll see for yourself.

Tell a Scary Joke to The Funny Man

Two guys walk into a bar... which is strange because you would think if the first guy walked into it, the second guy would have seen it! *rim shot* Wocka, wocka, wocka! Ah, to be a funny man. And that is the subject of the new web series presented by Daily Motion entitled, just that, The Funny Man. However, this dude is anything but funny and actually seems really difficult to get along with.

Watch the First Four Episodes of NYPDM Right Here, Right Now!

A month ago we got the first word on a new web series entitled "NYPDM" about a world where a pair of unusual detectives pull back the curtain of shadows and lies that surround the unnatural criminal underground of New York City. Now the first four episodes are available, and we have them for you right here to check out along with a few stills and an update provided to us by producer Monique Yamaguchi.

Chopper Rolls to Viral Status Upon Launch

Ladies and gentlemen, Chopper has arrived. And the tense initial offering has set the stage for the horror that is sure to come. Featuring a showdown between horror big boys Tyler Mane and Andrew Bryniarski, the first episode of Chopper, entitled Slice 1, certainly does a nice job setting the stage in the biker-themed horror series.

Web Series Vampire Mob - A Totally Indie Effort - Returns for Season 2

It was back in the summer of 2010 that we first reported on Joe Wilson's web series Vampire Mob, and now we've heard from Joe that Season Two has begun with six episodes already available, including “Dinner for Six” with cast members Kirsten Vangsness ("Criminal Minds"), Emmy winner Marcia Wallace ("The Simpsons") and Tony winner Rae Allen ("The Sopranos").

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Camera Obscura iPod Touch on Dread Central and MWG

Remember the Camera Obscura web series from Drew Daywalt that we featured last October? Well, Camera Obscura is now available as a mobile game that you can download to your smart phones to go along with your Angry Birds.

Rick Fox Goes From Taking Jump Shots to Producing Kill Shots in Hysteria Web Series

Former NBA star Rick Fox is well-known for his acting prowess. Now he's taking on a new entertainment venture. Fox is producing a web series entitled Hysteria, directed by Frank Lin, which is divided into 26 segments. The producers are releasing one piece a day until Halloween.