We Are What We Are

Bitchin' One-Sheet for IFC's We Are What We Are

Now this is some artwork we can really get behind. No pensive faced floating heads. No overdone clichés. Just total badassdom. Get ready to dig on the new one-sheet for IFC Midnight's We Are What We Are, or Somos Lo Que Hay. We Are What We Are is opening in the US on February 18th via VOD. Look for more soon. Synopsis

Grimm Up North Film Festival Announces 2010 Awards

October's Grimm Up North horror and sci-fi festival brought the best in genre cinema to the city of Manchester, England, for a second year running and gave fans unprecedented access to some exclusive movie screenings. As part of the closing night celebrations, the winners of the festival's Golden Scythe awards were unveiled. Read on to see who won what.

Mexi-Cannibals on the Hunt for Food in Latest Clip from We Are What We Are

Hey, even cannibals have got to eat! Yeah it's too bad we're on the menu, but I know of quite a few people I'd like to throw to the flesh hungry before it comes down to me.

Tasty Viral Video for We Are What We Are

Ah, viral marketing! How we love you! It's always interesting to see what kind of strange and wondrous goodies come out of studios looking to promote their films, and this time we have something glorious cooked up by the Mexi-cannibals of We Are What We Are, or Somos Lo Que Hay for you purists out there.

New Trailer: We Are What We Are

A new trailer for the Mexican cannibal fiesta known as Jorge Michel Grau's We Are What We Are has just debuted online, and we've got the goods right here waiting for you!

More Fantastic Fest 2010 Photos and Reviews

Fantastic Fest 2010 is in full swing down in Austin, Texas, and we've got another batch of photos to share as well as new reviews from our man on the scene, Scott Johnson, for four films that couldn't be more different from each other. Luckily for him, three of them sound like winners.

Fantastic Fest 2010: 2nd Wave of Programming Announced; New Images from Several Entries!

The second wave of programming for the sixth edition of Fantastic Fest, happening September 23rd-30th in Austin, Texas, has been announced; and if you were on the fence about attending, well, you just may want to start booking your flight immediately!

IFC Midnight Proves We Are What We Are

Further filling out its horror library, IFC's new genre label, IFC Midnight, has just acquired the rights to bring Mexican cannibals into our homes! Take THAT, Arizona!

Trailer Debut: Kick the Weekend off With Cannibals - We Are What We Are

Finally the trailer has come for the latest cannibal flick out of Mexico, We Are What We Are. Pull up a chair, tuck in your bib, and get set to ingest your meat super rare!

Mexican Cannibals Get Violent in New We Are What We Are Stills

Mexican horror has been coming on strong over the last few years, and of course we here in the States are just biding our time before remaking every single one of their best offerings into a homogenized snoozefest with a marketable hot young cast.

New Stills: Mexican Cannibals Run Wild in We Are What We Are

More Mexican horror is coming our way (and we're totally cool with that considering how much domestic horror has been on the lackluster side of the fence lately) in the form of a cannibal tale called We Are What We Are (or Somos Lo Que Hay). Hungry for some stills? Dig in!