Sundown DVD Date, Waxwork Remake Status

Anthony Hickox first mentioned a possible remake of his seminal 80’s classic monster mash-up Waxwork when I interviewed him a few months back (read about it, and a possible Waxwork musical, right here).

Exclusive: Waxwork: The Musical?

It took me well over a month to track down Waxwork/Full Eclipse director Anthony Hickox, which I have to say when I set out to find him to discuss his latest horror movie, Knife Edge, I hadn’t anticipated being such a difficult task.

Hickox Takes Horror to the Edge

It's been a long time since director Anthony Hickox made a horror film, but man, has he delivered some good guilty pleasures. Hickox brought us films like Full Eclipse, Waxwork (still waiting for an unrated DVD of this gem; please anyone reading, if you have the power, get to work), and the third entry into the Hellraiser (an unrated DVD of this would be nice, too, please) franchise, which honestly I'd like to forget.

Hickox, Anthony (Knife Edge)

Have you seen Waxwork? Or Hellraiser III? Or Warlock: Armageddon? Or Full Eclipse? If so, then you know the works of Anthony Hickox. The British dir