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Check out the Beautiful Costumes of Beautiful Creatures

Wardrobe can be a key component in the success or failure of a film, and that's especially true in a project like Beautiful Creatures. Check out this video chat with Jeffrey Kurland, who had the immense task of capturing the physical essence of the film's "extraordinary" characters through their costumes.

Warner Brothers Readying a New Boston Strangler Film

Those of us who were around back in the Sixties vividly remember the story of the Boston Strangler, but if you were born later, perhaps you've seen the film version starring Tony Curtis. If not, don't worry; a new thriller about the desperate search for the murderer who terrorized the Boston area is coming our way thanks to Warner Bros.

New Character One-Sheets Show Off Lots of Beautiful Creatures

Over the last few days these things have been popping up like a Tribble infestation aboard the Starship Enterprise, so we figured we'd wait until the powers-that-be released them all. That being said, dig on these new character one-sheets for Beautiful Creatures.

Get Closer to the Dark Side with These New Stills, Trailer, and Poster for Beautiful Creatures

A second trailer, a new poster, and a fresh batch of stills have arrived for Beautiful Creatures, and we have to admit the film looks pretty darn beautiful itself. Look for Beautiful Creatures in theaters on February 13, 2013.

New Still Home to Two VERY Beautiful Creatures

So sleek. Every curve a knockout. We just want to caress it. Smell it. Run our fingers over it again and again. Now THIS, folks, truly is a beautiful creature. One we dream of. Salivate for. Want with every fiber of our beings. Oh yeah, star Emmy Rossum looks good, too.

New Beautiful Creatures Quad Home to Lots of Character

Who's up for an eyeful of Beautiful Creatures? Well, ready or not that's exactly what you're going to get with the following quad one-sheet. Check it out and look for more on this latest adaptation soon!

UPDATE: Warner Brothers Acquires Entire Friday the 13th Franchise from Paramount

Now here's some really good news coming in for fans of the Friday the 13th franchise who are hoping that one day we'll finally see a definitive box set of all the titles in the series...

Beautiful Creatures Featurette Travels From Book to Screen

If you're a fan of the novels of Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl that are the foundation of the upcoming film Beautiful Creatures, or just curious about the process of going "From Book to Screen," check out this new featurette from Warner Bros. Pictures.

A Featurette Filled with Beautiful Creatures

Looking forward to spending time with some Beautiful Creatures? Good, then you'll want to check out this latest featurette for the flick which Warner Brothers has put out courtesy of MTV. Dig it!

Check Out Some Beautiful Images of Beautiful Creatures

To complement yesterday's premiere of the trailer and one-sheet for Warner Bros.' upcoming adaptation of Beautiful Creatures, we now have a photo gallery online and ready for your perusal. We're good like that!

There are Some Beautiful Creatures to be Found in this New Trailer and Poster

It has been a long time coming, but we finally have a look the trailer and first one-sheet for Warner Bros.' upcoming adaptation of Beautiful Creatures. Both goodies came today via Apple. Check them out now!

Lobo Gets a Logline

It's been a couple of months since last there was anything to report regarding the feature film debut of DC Comics' intergalactic badass bounty hunter Lobo, but alas, a logline has come. Read on for what the flick will be about!

Warner Shuts Down Direct-to-Video Division

Warner Premiere has been the go-to source for Warner Brothers' direct-to-video content such as The Lost Boys flicks, The Hills Run Red, and the modern classic anthology Trick 'R Treat. Unfortunately it is no more.

Warner Brothers on Board with The CW's Take on Sleepy Hollow

With two TV shows brewing their own version of the classic Washington Irving tale Sleepy Hollow, it's going to be interesting to see which falls flat and which gallops away like The Headless Horseman on his ghostly steed.

First Look at Emmy Rossum in Beautiful Creatures

Finally we have the first official still from Warner Bros.' upcoming adaptation of Beautiful Creatures. Read on for a look at Emmy Rossum ("Shameless") as the supernaturally manipulative cousin Ridley.