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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Remake Staking Its Way to the Big Screen

Some interesting news coming out of the Atlas Entertainment camp. It appears as if fans (whether they want it or not) will soon be treated to a reboot of one of the most beloved fang-busting franchises ever, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Jonah Hex on Blu-ray!

Warner Brothers' supernatural themed western Jonah Hex is on its way home and to prep you for the scarred avenger's arrival we're giving a way a couple of copies of the flick on Blu-ray! Dig it!

Inception Opens Door for New Project for Zombieland Director Ruben Fleischer

Ah, Inception. How nice it is to see a film performing at the box office that actually inspires its audience to use their brains. Actually, it looks as if it has inspired even more than that!

New Line Execs Lining Up Possible Directors for Final Destination 5

Yes, The Final Destination sent the franchise out on a supremely limp note, but the sucker grossed nearly $200 million. That being said, it is a no-brainer that any flick that makes that kind of bank at the box office is going to get a sequel, and one is coming. Find out who's in the running for the director's seat by reading on.

First Images: Lost Boys 3: The Thirst

At the very least Lost Boys 3: The Thirst couldn't possibly be worse than Lost Boys 2: The Tribe was, could it? We still have nightmares about the more wooden than a stake performance phoned in by The Sutherland in that one. All we can do is hope for the best ... and check out the first ever behind-the-scenes stills!

Producer Talks Final Destination 5

Just a few days after the announcement that the powers that be over at Warner Brothers had given the go ahead for a fifth film Final Destination franchise, producer Craig Perry recently shed a little more light on things such as just how far along the project actually is.

THE Final Destination? Not Hardly! Warner Bros Making Final Destination 5

Never mind calling the last film in the Final Destination franchise THE Final Destination. The flick, whether you liked it or not, made some cash, and cash will always equal sequel!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Whiteout on DVD!

Looking to bring home a little Kate Beckinsale action? Just try and name one person who's not! Look no further, fiends, as we've got your chance to win a copy of her latest film Whiteout on DVD! Dig it!

Exclusive Clip From the Whiteout Blu-ray

Now that Kate Beckinsale's Whiteout has officially hit Blu-ray and DVD, we got ourselves an exclusive look at one of the film's deleted scenes for you! Why? Because we love you and you're so damned cute when you're staring down imminent death in the face of a major snowstorm.

New Elm Street Box Set Coming! Wait Until You See the Cover!

How many of us remember shelling out the dough to get our hands on the last A Nightmare on Elm Street box set? At over a hundred bucks it was pretty steep but worth it if only for the "Nightmare Encyclopedia" disc. To go along with the original film's Blu-ray release, Warner Home Video and New Line are re-issuing the box set ... but something is pretty friggin' amiss.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of The Final Destination on DVD

Death has come home and he's ready to launch himself into your lap via the wonders of 3D! So we figured that we'd make it a little easier for the reaper to get to you by giving away several copies of the DVD to a few lucky readers!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Terminator: Salvation on DVD

Nothing quite says Christmas like a robot apocalypse that has pushed the human race to the brink of extinction! Am I right? Just in time for the holidays we're giving away a couple of copies of Terminator: Salvation on DVD!

Massive Contest! The Box

With the November 6th release of Richard Kelly's The Box coming up on us fast, we figured there'd be no better way to celebrate the arrival of this new headsy horror flick than by giving away a prize pack full of all manner of goodies including a replica of The Box itself!

Two Dozen Plus Images: The Box

While we all eagerly anticipate Cameron Diaz showing us how she handles her box, Warner Bros. has blessed us with dozens of images to gear up for Richard Kelly's latest head-trip!

Phase 1 of The Box Website Now Open

I can barely remember how we got our news before the advent of Twitter, but thanks to that revolutionary little networking service, we learned just a short while ago courtesy of director Richard Kelly that "Phase 1 of The Box official website is live."