Warner Bros.

Someone Has to Know About this New Chernobyl Diaries Clip

Another new clip from the latest terror tale from the wonderfully twisted mind of Oren Peli is here, and it's hoping that someone will know of its existence. I mean, you can't just release a clip, can you? Someone has to know that it's out there!

More Classics from the Warner Archive: The Awakening, Eye of the Devil, The 27th Day, Night School and The Spiral Staircase

More long hidden horrors are now available as part of Warner's made-to-order Archive Collection. Oh, the classic terrors that await you, dearest reader! Dig it!

Melt Down with Several Clips from the Chernobyl Diaries

Ready to spend a bit of time in a glowing wasteland filled with the shadows of a much livelier time? Yeah, why not, right? I mean, who wouldn't want to visit a completely dead city filled with all manner of horrors not detectable to the naked eye? If you agree, here's a new batch of clips from Chernobyl Diaries for your perusal.

Chernobyl Diaries Image Gallery Now Glowing

What's this? Two Chernobyl Diaries stories posted just hours apart? Yep, you know the release date is rapidly approaching. Check out the newly launched image gallery that's home to lots of places you just shouldn't go!

Warner Bros. Spreading the Sickness with Contagion 2

Last year Warner Brothers proved that you don't need ghosts, killers, or monsters to make a truly frightening movie. Steven Soderbergh's Contagion did a fine job of adding an unhealthy dose of paranoia to our lives, and it's not stopping there.

Bring Chernobyl Diaries to Your City

Recently there's been a lot of talk concerning the Oren Peli and Brian Witten produced flick Chernobyl Diaries, but you now have a chance to do more than talk about it. You can vote to have a screening brought right to your home town. We've got the info you need to help you Quarantine Your City.

New Chernobyl Diaries Featurette Takes Things to the Extreme

We're just a few weeks away from the May 25th release of Chernobyl Diaries from Warner Bros., and to keep your anxiety at an all time high, a new video has debuted which features a look at some really extreme tourism. Dig it!

More Beetlejuice 2 Details Come to Light

Wondering what's going on with the long talked about sequel to the smash horror comedy Beetlejuice? Well wonder no longer, kids. Read on for all the details fit to print.

Release Date Shuffle: The Seventh Son and Beautiful Creatures

Alrighty, kids! Time to get out the old calendar and make some quick adjustments... Warner Brothers has spaced out its genre offerings, The Seventh Son and Beautiful Creatures, and we've got the word on when you'll be able to see each of them. Dig it!

Another Little Shop of Horrors Redux in Development

We know... you've just been clamoring for another remake. Especially another version of Little Shop of Horrors! Well, get ready, kids, because there's one in development right now.

Three TV Spots for Chernobyl Diaries; Bring a Screening to Your Town

We're inching closer and closer to the May 25th release of Chernobyl Diaries from Warner Bros., and to help build even more anticipation, the studio has released three new TV spots for the film.

Second Clip from Chernobyl Diaries is Contaminated

Call me crazy, but if I were visiting the site of the worst nuclear meltdown the world has ever seen, the last thing I would do is touch anything. In fact... I'd be wearing a respirator and a Tyvek suit! Luckily folks in the movies aren't anywhere near that smart!

New Chernobyl Diairies Image Has its Back Up to the Wall

A new bit of eye candy has come our way for the rapidly approaching Chernobyl Diaries, and we have it for you here free of any radiation and glowy stuff. Dig it!

Kick Off the Weekend with a New Clip from Chernobyl Diaries

Warner Bros. has provided a new clip from the upcoming Chernobyl Diaries that lays out a bit more of the groundwork for how our intrepid adventurers wound up there in the first place. Then it morphs into a trailer containing some new footage that is rather chilling indeed.

Prepare for Fallout with the International One-Sheet for the Chernobyl Diaries

Time for a little international flavor to add to your plate full of rotting and radiated meat. Check out the new one-sheet for Chernobyl Diaries. Gas mask and respirator not included.