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New Terminator Salvation Trailer!

Yeah, yeah, so Terminator Salvation may not be 100% horror, I understand that, but if you can’t find horror elements in a story about robots taking over the world and killing off mankind, you’re missing some integral part of your brain workings.

Chamber of Horrors / Brides of Fu Manchu, The (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring (Chamber of Horrors) Patrick O'Neal, Cesare Danova, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Laura Devon; (The Brides of Fu Manchu) Christopher Lee, Douglas Wilmer, Heinz Drache, Marie Versini

Animated Terminator Salvation Poster

You’ve probably seen this elsewhere. Now you’re seeing it here. Below is the new web-only “poster” for Terminator Salvation, courtesy of the nice folks at Warner Bros. It’s like lenticular, only better!

Warner Bros. Finds The Days Before

Now this baby sounds like it’s going to be confusing; one of those time travel movies that takes a lot of pre-thought before pen can even be put to paper. Variety got word that Warner Bros. has picked up an alien apocalypse script from Chad St. John called The Days Before, and it sounds too cool to ignore.

Release Finally Set for Amusement

If you were diligent like me and went to see all 8 Films to Die For last year, chances are you were annoyed all to hell by the trailer for Amusement that played before every showing. So what the hell happened to it, anyway, if it was so close to release last October?

Warner Bros. Test Screening Trick 'r Treat!

It’s not much, but it’s something … just got word from one of our sources close to the film that Warner Bros. is finally test screening Trick ‘r Treat for audiences! I’m still not 100% on how the test screening process works, but it’s still a good sign that they’re trying to figure out what to do with it.

New Friday the 13th Pics, Video

So we got to put up our Friday the 13th set visit yesterday and, personally, I thought it was pretty cool. Leave it to MTV to come along and show us up not only with some exclusive new pics from the film, though granted only two and nothing terribly exciting, but also a video report from the set!

Twilight's UK Quad

While I'd love to point out how all the Twilight posters so far have been interchangeable, we'll just let this poster IMP Awards found speak for itself...

Day & Date for F.E.A.R. 2 Download!

Lazy gamers rejoice! Warner Bros. just announced that it will be distributing F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin via digital download on the same day the game hits good old-fashioned brick and mortar stores!

Quick! New Friday the 13th Teaser!

A new teaser trailer for the upcoming Friday the 13th reboot aired during last night’s Scream Awards, and of course a crappy version of it is up on YouTube already! Dig it quick because you know this won’t be out there for long!

Warner Bros. Preps Entering Hades

Warner Bros. has snatched up the rights to a new book about journalist/serial killer Jack Unterweger called Entering Hades, according to this morning’s Variety. Landscape Entertainment will produce and The Time Traveler’s Wife director Robert Schwentke is on board to direct.

Trick 'r Treat (2008)

Reviewed by Andrew Kasch Starring Brian Cox, Anna Paquin, Dylan Baker, Lauren Lee Smith Directed by Mike Dougherty

Brolin Close to Jonah Hex Deal

Word has come down via Variety this morning that Josh Brolin is in talks to take on the title role in Warner Bros. upcoming adaptation of the DC comic Jonah Hex, the script for which was penned by the Crank team of Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine. The duo will also direct.

Warners Moves Forward on I Am Legend Prequel

For reasons perhaps only the gods truly understand, Warner Bros. has begun to speed up the development of the proposed prequel to I Am Legend with Will Smith set to return as scientist Francis Neville and Francis Lawrence back in the director's chair, according to Variety.

Pushing Daisies: The Complete First Season (DVD)

Reviewed by Nomad Starring Lee Pace, Anna Friel, Chi McBride, Jim Dale, Ellen Greene Created by Bryan Fuller Released by Warner Home Video