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Hills Run Red, The (2009)

Reviewed by Gareth Jones Starring William Sadler, Sophie Monk, Tad Hilgenbrink, Janet Montgomery Directed by Dave Parker

Akira Adaptation Moving Along

It's been a good long while since there was anything to report on concerning Warner Bros.' plans to adapt the anime sensation Akira into a big budget live action extravaganza. Over a year, in fact. Finally a bit of news has trickled out.

Cool Trick 'r Treat Art Contest

The October 6th DVD/Blu-ray release day of Mike Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat just cannot get here soon enough. The Dread Central offices are abuzz with anticipation, not just because finally everyone will have a chance to dig on what is without question the best anthology since Creepshow, but also we'll finally get to see it again!

H2 vs TFD at the Box Office: Death (and Michael Myers) Defeat Michael Myers

The (almost) final weekend box office numbers are in, confirming our earlier report that David R. Ellis' The Final Destination had emerged as the champ in its battle against Rob Zombie's Halloween II. The numbers? $28.3 million (a whopping $9,079 per screen) for TFD (no doubt benefiting from its 3D price bump) and $17.4 million (a much smaller average of $5,754) for H2.

New Still from Richard Kelly's The Box

Things have been fairly quiet since the announcement that Warner Bros. had pushed back the release date for The Box, Richard Kelly's upcoming adaptation of Richard Matheson's 1970 short story "Button, Button", but today we got a look at a new still from the film.

Seven Clips from Whiteout

With Whiteout quickly approaching its release, the extra teases for fans all sweaty with anticipation have been coming fast and furious. Don't believe us? Then maybe not one, not two, not even three, but seven clips from the flick will do the trick for you!

The Bermuda Depths Finally on DVD

Having been sick most of the past two weeks I've been behind on the news. For example, one of the most sought after made-for-television rarities from the 1970's is now available on DVD for the first time ever. I'm talking about The Bermuda Depths. And that's not the only new genre gem the Warner Archives Collection is now making available for order.

More Trick 'r Treat Blu-ray and DVD News

We could just sit here and write news stories about Mike Doughtery's Trick 'r Treat all day and never get tired. Know why? Because it's that damned good, and now that Warner Bros. is releasing it, there's MUCH reason to rejoice! Speaking of which ...

Massive Final Destination Contest

With death knocking on our doors in theatres on August 28th, we figured that there would be no better way to celebrate our soon-to-be passing than with a massive contest ushering in The Final Destination!

Two New Whiteout Stills

As part of gearing up for their fall/winter seasons (where did this year go?), Warner Bros. sent along a couple of new stills for their upcoming film Whiteout starring Kate Beckinsale. Of course, we'll share them with you guys because, well, because you all look so sexy when you shiver.

Three More TV Spots for The Final Destination

Just a day after dropping some death on us with two TV spots for The Final Destination, Warner Bros. has provided three more kickass spots for this 3D extravaganza!

Second Where the Wild Things Are Trailer Debuts

This year's San Diego Comic-Con was full of impressive stars, trailers, and extended previews. But few had as much impact on the crowd as what we saw of Where the Wild Things Are. Now, some four months after the debut of the first trailer, Warner Bros. had gifted us with the second. Prepare to be transported to another place and time filled with pure bliss.

Latest Whiteout Poster Shows Off Beckinsale's Baby Blues

The release of Whiteout has been postponed more times than we can keep track of, but now that it's back on track for September 11th, Warner Bros. is pulling out all the stops to promote it, including a brand new poster featuring a close-up of Kate Beckinsale that's sure to leave a large portion of the male population breathless.

Orphan (2009)

Reviewed by Heather Wixson Starring Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard, Isabelle Fuhrman, CCH Pounder, and Jimmy Bennett Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra

Leonardo DiCaprio Taking Us to The Twilight Zone

We are about to re-enter another dimension. A dimension of familiar sights, sounds, and minds. There's a sign post up ahead. Next stop -- the remake zone!