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WB Unleashes Extended Jonah Hex Trailer

Jimmy Hayward's Jonah Hex has had quite the ride to the big screen, and on June 18th we'll get to see if that road was worth traveling. In the interim check out this latest two-minute long trailer!

Four New Character Posters for Jonah Hex

It's been a bit of a rough road for Jimmy Hayward's Jonah Hex, but come June 18th we'll see if it's all paid off or not. In the meantime here are four new character posters for the film showing off Josh Brolin, John Malkovich, Michael Fassbender, and of course Megan Fox.

New Jonah Hex Images Bring the Sexy and the Spooky

Warner Bros. released some nifty new imagery for its upcoming big screen Jonah Hex adaptation, and we have every single pixel that makes up Megan Fox ready for you to drool over. It's still not clear how "supernatural" this Western will actually be, but we'll find out when the film opens wide on June 18, 2010.

Check Out Two Chapters of the Jonah Hex Motion Comic

To get you all hot and bothered for the big screen adaptation of Jonah Hex, Warner Premiere Digital has released not one but two previews of their upcoming motion comic for you to peruse.

Warner Bros. Delivers Jonah Hex Trailer As Promised!

Despite numerous behind-the-scenes rumblings that it quite possibly wouldn't happen, today Warner Bros. released the trailer for its upcoming Jonah Hex. It's still not clear how "supernatural" this Western will actually be, but we'll find out when the film opens wide on June 18, 2010.

Second Jonah Hex Poster Unleashed

The synopsis for Jimmy Hayward's upcoming Jonah Hex talks about hell being unleashed on earth, and today the powers-that-be unleashed a new poster for the flick featuring, of course, Megan Fox's "attributes" -- despite the fact we keep hearing she only plays a very small role. Big surprise, right?

Finally! The First Footage from Jonah Hex!

Though a trailer is still nowhere to be found, Syfy debuted the first ever footage from Jonah Hex, and we've got it here for you packing a satchel full of soon-to-be hot lead!

Best Look at Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex Yet

While most folks are obsessed with focusing on Megan Fox around these parts, a good look at a scarred and scary avenger piques much more attention than just another pretty face. And, man, do we have a good look at Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex for you!

Will We See a Jonah Hex Trailer in Front of Elm Street or Not?

Things have been deathly quiet out of the Jonah Hex camp so far this year -- our last update was in early January to be exact. And if Brent Hinds, the guitarist and singer of Mastodon, which has been recording and rerecording the film's soundtrack since last fall, is correct, things might be staying that way for a while.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans has been #1 at the box office for two weeks running, but as all you loyal readers know, no film is ever really successful until Trembles puts his stamp on it.

CONTEST CLOSED! Massive Contest: A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010

With the April 30th release date of the highly anticipated remake of the Wes Craven classic A Nightmare on Elm Street coming up on us fast, we figured there'd be no better way to celebrate the arrival of the return of everyone's favorite razor-fingered boogeyman than by giving away a prize package to dream about!

**UPDATE**: Some Crazy Casting Talk for Final Destination 5

Now we've heard some crazy casting rumors during the time we've been running Dread Central, but today's may just take the cake. What do model, musician, and actor Adam Bertrand; High School Musical alum Ashley Tisdale; and singing sensation Lady Gaga have in common? Read on to find out!

Warner Brothers to Prove All You Need is Kill

Is it weird that the entire time I've been readying myself to write this story I've been singing the title aloud to the tune of The Beatles song "All You Need Is Love"? I just can't stop either. See? I bet you're doing it now. Yep, just try and stop.

Clash of the Titans Review Now Live!

There's only one giant-sized movie tearing up the screens at your cinemas this weekend, and that's Louis Leterrier's remake of the monster driven classic Clash of the Titans. We've got the lowdown on whether you should honor the gods at the box office or save your cash for that golden mechanical owl you've always wanted!

Script Details Leak Out for Steven Soderbergh's Contagion

With one of the best ensemble casts we've ever seen, master plot weaver Steven Soderbergh's Contagion is shaping up to be "the" deadly viral outbreak film of the decade, and we no longer have to wonder who's playing whom as Scott Z. Burns' Contagion script has gotten out. Along with the character breakdown, a few other details have emerged as well.