Fabrice du Welz Going to War

Back in 2004 a little Belgian movie with the strange title of Calvaire hit the festival circuit before going straight to DVD here in the States. Now, I don't know about you, but that film was SO disturbing to me on so many levels: the Penguin Dance, the village with no women, the innkeeper Bartel and his obvious confusion when itinerant entertainer Marc Stevens shows up on his doorstep a few days before Christmas. And the pig.

War: Fighting Back the Armies of Hell

Here's an odd combination -- one guy who has worked mainly in art departments and another guy who's been working for Animal Planet are joining together to bring us a movie about dead soldiers beating off demons. Wow, that sounds dirty.

Final Art for Turner's Red Sands

I feared it would be bad, but I really didn’t think it’d be this bad. “Spirits take no prisoners”? What the hell kind of tag line is that? Something tells me this is not the vision director Alex Turner had for Red Sands, formerly known as The Stone House, when he set out to make the film.

Red Sands Trailer is Live!

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Alex Turner regarding his Dead Birds follow-up, Stone House, but a lot’s happened with it since we did. The title is now Red Sands, which I gotta admit I like better, and there’s now a very cool trailer you can feast your eyes upon below!

Outpost UK Quad, Trailer!

The British siege movie Outpost (DVD review) somehow managed to make it home to our shores before it ever saw release in its home country, and that just doesn’t make a lick of sense to me. But hey, it’s the movies; you don’t have to make sense to have a good time.

Packing up the Stone House

Director Alex Turner recently updated the MySpace page for his new film The Stone House. The pic, which stars Shane West, Leonard Roberts and Aldis Hodge to name a few, has been flying low ... really low under the radar.

Turner Clarifies Stone House

Earlier this week it was reported that Alex Turner was working on a sequel/prequel to his Henry Thomas-starrer war horror film Dead Birds called The Stone House.

Dead Birds Sequel Planned

Sometimes you forget that a filmmaker can go into the making of a movie with the intentions of continuing his or her story across at least two more; seems like everyone wants their own trilogy these days thanks to the amount of time it can take to get an indie film off the ground.