VOD News

Mr. Jones Trailer Arrives to Send Shivers

The official home video trailer has arrived for Mr. Jones, and we have every startling second of it for you right here. That is, if you find it startling. If not, we have every regular second of it for you anyway. We like to be flexible.

Conduct The Dinosaur Experiment in May

You can put dinosaurs in just about anything and I'll watch it. My fascination with them began when I was just a tiny Creepy, and I've never been able to let go. It's for that reason I'm looking forward to The Dinosaur Experiment... for better or worse.

Mr. Jones - Spooky New Stills and Home Video Artwork

A fresh batch of stills and the home video artwork have arrived for Mr. Jones. Smiling in the bright lights. Coming through in stereo. When everybody loves you, you can never be lonely. He's gonna be a big star, ya know.

The Legend of Six Fingers Coming to VOD and DVD in June

Sam Qualiana's new found footage monster flick, The Legend of Six Fingers, is coming home to VOD and DVD in a few months, and we have some new images and artwork to help you get your Sasaquatchploitation on!

Badass New Afflicted Trailer Puts the Bite On

Finally a trailer is here for the first feature film from Derek Lee and Clif Prowse, Afflicted (review), which won big at last year's Fantastic Fest, nabbing awards for Best Director, Best Screenplay, and even Best Picture. Check it out and get excited!

Experience Evil in the Time of Heroes in Your Home

Billy Zane. Zombies. Heroes. Villainy. Flesh eating! Greece. Do we have you attention? Yes, those buzz words more than get our ghosts, and to have 'em all wrapped up into one movie has us grinning from ear to ear. Get ready for Evil in the Time of Heroes!

Face the Official One-Sheet for Happy Camp

One thing is for sure... when it comes to the new horror flick Happy Camp, the kids are anything but all right. Check it out, and if you have a little bastard in your life that's in need of some learnin', sign 'em up!

Make a Theatrical and VOD Date with Festival Hit Afflicted

The first feature film from Derek Lee and Clif Prowse, Afflicted (review), won big at last year's Fantastic Fest, nabbing awards for Best Director, Best Screenplay, and even Best Picture. A horror film you should be excited about seeing? You bet your sweet ass!

New Trailer Sends Your Kids to Happy Camp

I personally don't have kids, but if I were a frustrated parent with a bratty, uncontrollable child, I'd be sure to send the little bastard or bitch to Happy Camp, if only for a couple of months of peace and quiet. If they didn't come back, well... um... bonus?

Clancy Brown Talks Having Nothing Left to Fear

From the psychopathic, Christopher Lambert-bothering Kurgan in Highlander to tyrannical prison warden Byran Hadley in The Shawshank Redemption through to new recruit-maiming drill sergeant Zim in Starship Troopers, it's safe to say that I am one of the many movie fans who have more than just a handful of favourite Clancy Brown roles.

Trent Shy Contracted for a New Poster

Stop-motion artist Trent Shy just checked in with his unique take on the poster for Eric England's Contracted, an itchy new flick that will make you question just how close you should get with your valentine today!

Exclusive Mr. Jones Artwork Premiere; Release News

Don't be expecting to be counting crows or telling each other fairy tales with this Mr. Jones. In this new horror film the title character is all about bringing on the nightmares, and we have an exclusive look at the artwork and more for you!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Signed Banshee Chapter One-Sheet!

The highly acclaimed new film Banshee Chapter (review here) is out on DVD, and right now we have your chance to score yourself a one-sheet autographed by Katia Winter, Michael McMillan, Corey Moosa, and director/writer Blair Erickson.

Two New Clips Suffer From A Fantastic Fear of Everything

Simon Pegg's latest flick, A Fantastic Fear of Everything, is available now on VOD and will be hitting limited theaters on February 7th. To celebrate, we have two new clips for you cats to sink your teeth into. Dig it!

XLrator Media Unleashing a Deadly Toxin on DVD

Get out your respirators, kids, because things are about to get both airborne and deadly! A new flick is on its way to VOD and DVD called Toxin, and we have all the details you need to get you prepped for the event!