VLOG - Terror Goes Online in September!

Just the other day I was sitting here in my office working with nothing on except for my feathered boa, some assless chaps, a rainbow clown wig, and my sparking nut tassels. Then I realized my webcam was on. Pretty soon you'll be able to see what other unexpected horrors await you online when Anchor Bay releases VLOG!

Exploding Bongs? On My Internets?!

If you've been waiting for just the right time to start watching Twisted Pictures' online series VLOG, now is it!

Killer Vlog Online

We got a heads-up today from Chris White, the director of David, who’s serving producing duties on the Twisted Pictures web series Vlog. He let us know that a new episode of the show has surfaced on Break, and promised us kills. You know how we feel about kills! Check it out below!

When Video Blogs Turn Deadly

Video blogs ... oh how they've made Internet 2.0 a place of unstoppable hilarity, hate and now ... death?! That would seem to be the case over at Break where a new webseries from Twisted Pictures and the producers of Saw kicked off this week.