Limited Theatrical Release for Death Note 2!

Viz Pictures dropped a bloody pile of "HOLY DAMN" right in our laps today by announcing that Death Note II: The Last Name (review) is going to get a 300+ theatre screening this October!

Death Note DVD Gets a Date

It’s a slim bit of news, but noteworthy all the same; Viz Media has announced a September 16th, 2008 DVD release date for Death Note (review). Viz was behind the film’s limited theatrical run we told you about a while back as well, which put a dubbed (gack) version of the film out to the masses for a weekend.

Death Note Coming to U.S. Screens!

Finally, after years of talking about it as if it were some Holy Grail of unfound cinema, you guys will finally get a chance to see the first Death Note (review) in theaters next month!

U.S. Death Note Trailer Online!

The live-action version of the manga Death Note (review) has been around for a couple years now, but where's the American love?

Death Note Composer Back for L

It’s too bad U.S. audiences haven’t gotten a chance to see the Death Note movies yet; while they’re certainly not straightforward horror movies, they are very cool manga adaptations and offer an alternative to those who are sick to death of typical “J-horror”.

Subtitled Trailer for L: Change the World!

Since the project was announced we’ve been referring to L as a prequel to the Death Note films; this was inaccurate and for that we apologize. The person who supplied us with that information will be thoroughly punished, don’t worry.

Death Note Gets Animated

While we wait to see if the Japanese horror film Death Note, based on the manga of the same name about a kid who finds a notebook that kills anyone whose name is written in it, is actually as good as its homeland box office indicates, D.N. Dream Partners have announced that they’re sinking money into TV toon based on the film.