Vito Tribuco

Vito Trabuco and Tim Sullivan Talk Bloody Bloody Bible Camp and Share Some Exclusive Photos

With Vito Trabuco’s Bloody Bloody Bible Camp hitting DVD and VOD this week via Maltauro Entertainment, we thought it time to catch up with the filmmaker and one of his stars, Tim Sullivan, to get their thoughts on the feature. Read on for more and a few exclusive photos.

Bloody Bloody Bible Camp Opens its Doors on Friday, July 27th

This Friday, July 27th, Sister Mary Chopper is set to begin his (her? its?) reign of terror on VOD and we have all the details you need to figure out exactly to whom you should be praying for your life. Dig it!

First Footage: Bloody Bible Camp! Say Your Prayers!

Producer Lance Polland dropped us a note to let us know that the first footage from Bloody Bible Camp has made its way online for you all to dig on! Whatcha waitin' for? Christ doesn't have all day!

First Look at Bloody Bloody Bible Camp

2001 Maniacs director Tim Sullivan dropped us a line with a first look at the upcoming horror comedy Bloody Bloody Bible Camp, which promises to be all sorts of blasphemous!