Evocative New One-Sheet: Yam Laranas' The Road

When looking at the new one-sheet for the latest film from Yam Laranas entitled The Road, there's bound to be a lot of things going through your heads. Some will be disturbed. Some maybe even a little confused. As far as we're concerned, we're nothing short of impressed as this one is a winner!

Spooky New Motion Poster for Yam Laranas' The Road

Director Yam Laranas' latest film The Road is one super strange looking little movie, and we absolutely love it for being so! Yet another piece of the supremely weird puzzle has made its way online, and while we're not sure what the hell is going on exactly, we do know that it can't possibly be good!

Second Teaser Poster Debut - Yam Laranas' The Road

Little by little more and more about Yam Laranas' The Road slips online, and today we have the second teaser one-sheet for the flick for you to dig on! Check it out!

Yam Laranas' New Teaser Trailer Eases on Down The Road

After months of speculation as to what director Yam Laranas has in store for us with his next film, we finally have a trailer and a title. We gotta admit, the flick, known now as The Road, looks pretty damned spooky!

A New Still For Just Whatever the Hell Director Yam Laranas is Working On

A couple of months ago we brought you a viral video and one-sheet for filmmaker Yam Laranas' new genre project. Here we are several weeks later, and we know just as much now as we did then ... zero. However, we do have a new still!

Steady Your Heart With New Viral Video From Yam Laranas

A new viral video for filmmaker Yam Laranas' latest terror tale has hit this crazy little thing called the interwebs, and we must admit this one has us kind of stumped. Dig on this sliver of unnerving goodness by forging ahead!

Super 8 Rocket Poppeteers Site Gets an Overhaul; Astronaut Training Acceptance Certificate Received

We're not exactly sure what it means, but the Super 8 companion website for "Rocket Poppeteers" seems to be on the verge of launching something big...so big that Internet Explorer and Firefox are unable to handle it. In its newest incarnation RocketPoppeteers.com requires either Google Chrome or Safari.

Coroner's Report Viral Video Gives a Look at The Tortured

In the run-up to E1 Entertainment's October 18th UK DVD release of The Tortured (review here ), we've been given a new viral video that gives a look at just what type of bodily abuse you can look forward to witnessing! Synopsis:

Another Super 8 Viral Message: Rocket Poppeteers Want to Get to Know You

Those of us who signed up to be "Rocket Poppeteers" as part of the viral marketing for JJ Abrams' upcoming Super 8 got an email today thanking us for submitting our application and including a link to a quiz whereby they can get to know us a little better.

Lost Boys: The Thirst - Join the Fight Against Vampires!

Anyone who has ever had to tango with a bite-happy denizen of the undead can easily confirm one thing ... killing vampires is serious business. And while our Frog Brothers will be doing their best keeping the bloodsuckers at bay on Blu-ray and DVD on October 12th from Warner Bros., they're going to need a hand. That's where YOU come in!

Another Strange Package Arrives by Mail ... What Can YOU Tell Us?

It's no secret we get lots of wacky and weird stuff in the mail here at Dread Central. Sometimes it's pretty easy to play connect the dots with what movie is trying to be promoted via viral marketing, but other times we are left stumped. This is one of those times. Can you lend us a hand?

New Super 8 Viral Madness: Rocket Poppeteers Website Opens its Doors

The knack that director JJ Abrams has for getting people excited about his films is like nothing we've ever seen before. The man knows his audience and knows exactly how to get them involved. Speaking of which ....

Super 8 Viral Marketing Ramps Up

Remember back in mid-May when we told you about a mail-in "Rocket Poppeteers" coupon that was somehow tied in to JJ Abrams' upcoming feature Super 8? Well, those who sent it in were rewarded this week with something pretty cool ... yet mysterious.

More Super 8 Viral Madness! Pick Your Astronaut Name!

Much as he did with Cloverfield, JJ Abrams is embracing viral marketing for his latest feature, Super 8, with a vengeance. Lucky for us there are guys out there online who are willing and able to devote hours of their time figuring it all out.

Third S. Darko Viral Video Uncovered

The third and final piece of the viral video promotional puzzle for S. Darko showed up online recently, and of course we've got you covered!