Ving Rhames

Two New Piranha 3DD Teaser Posters Nibbling at the Net

Well, what do you know! Teaser posters for Piranha 3DD that aren't fan made (though we still feel one of them is kind of sketchy)! Who would have thunk it? Check 'em both out right here.

Val Kilmer, Ving Rhames, Luke Goss Ready to Go Seven Below on DVD

Val Kilmer and Luke Goss are amongst a group of strangers that seek refuge from a storm in a home owned by Ving Rhames, only to find themselves trapped in a supernatural time warp of terror. Get ready to go Seven Below when this supernatural chiller arrives on DVD in April.

Just When You Thought it Was Safe to Get Back into the UK's Waters ... Piranha 3DD Swims to Cinema Shores

Good news for fishy fans from across the pond: Despite earlier reports stating otherwise, Piranha 3DD will NOT be headed straight to video and will enjoy a wide cinema release in the UK. Read on for all the details.

Piranha 3DD Theatrical Release STILL on Track in the U.S.

Rest easy, kids! After reports of Piranha 3DD heading straight to DVD in the UK surfaced, everyone began to wonder if it would sadly meet the same fate here in the States. Thankfully, things are still looking good.

Piranha 3DD Pulled From UK Theatrical Schedule and Heading Straight to DVD

A bit of odd news coming out of the UK: The John Gulager directed sequel to Alexandre Aja's Piranha has been pulled from the UK's theatrical release schedule and will be heading straight to DVD across the pond on March 19th, 2012.

Gary Busey Talks Piranha 3DD

And the debate rages on... We're still not entirely sure whom we'd least rather get bit by: a prehistoric flesh-eating piranha or veteran actor and wild man Gary Busey. It's a tough call, man.

Zombie Apocalypse (2011)

Starring Ving Rhames, Taryn Manning, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Johnny Pacar Directed by Nick Lyon

AFM 2011: New Imagery for Seven Below

We told you about the new horror flick starring Ving Rhames, Luke Goss, and Val Kilmer, Seven Below, last week; and now we have yet another look at the flick for you! We're good like that.

AFM 2011: First Stills From Piranha 3DD

Things are getting fishy at this year's AFM as the first stills from John Gulager's highly anticipated sequel Piranha 3DD have reared their heads amongst a sea of cinema chum. Check 'em out!

AFM 2011: Your Soul Belongs to Ving Rhames in Seven Below

More AFM related goodness has come our way, this time from the new supernatural spooker starring Ving Rhames, Luke Goss, and Val Kilmer, Seven Below. Dig on the trailer and the sales art. Kevin Carraway directs.

Zombies Are Getting Smarter in this Clip from Zombie Apocalypse

I rather enjoy how a zombie fleeing from certain death... uh, re-death... inspires Ving Rhames to declare the zombies are getting smarter in this clip from this Saturday’s Syfy premiere of Zombie Apocalyse, and then seconds later we see a zombie spastically windmilling its arms as it charges forth.

First Piranha 3DD Footage is Friggin' Awesome!

Another bit of fishy goodness came out of last night's broadcast of the Spike TV Scream Awards as audiences got their first look at the glory that is Piranha 3DD. Dear lord, give us this movie now. Pretty please. Sugar on top. Thanks.

Screamfest LA 2011 Exclusive: Director P.J. Pettiette Talks Julia X 3D U.S. Premiere

With the Screamfest LA Film Festival now under way through October 22nd at Manns Chinese 6 in Hollywood, California, we chatted recently with P.J. Pettiette, the director of one of the fest's selections, the 3D feature Julia X, and got the skinny on the horror-comedy flick, which is having its U.S. premiere this evening, October 16th.

Watch Ving Rhames Brave Another Zombie Apocalypse this Halloween

How's this for a fast turnaround? The Asylum’s Zombie Apocalypse was announced in March, first word of the production came in August, the trailer premiered earlier this month, and now Syfy schedules its premiere Halloween weekend. Talk about a rushed production. They'll sleep when they're dead, I guess.

Get an Eyeful of Piranha 3DD's Potential Victims

Let's face it, man. A piranha has got to eat! Good thing for us their primary diet consists mainly of people in swimsuits, and that's exactly what you're gonna get in this latest batch of behind-the-scenes images from Piranha 3DD.