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Weinsteins Ditch Red State

Now this is just weird. Maybe The Weinsteins can’t see Kevin Smith as anything more than a comedy machine, but something has made them pass on his upcoming horror film, Red State, according to the Silent Bob Speaks blog.

*UPDATE* Smith's Red State Update

UPDATE: Buz turned our attention to Kevin Smith's MySpace blog where he discusses not only his lost shot at directing a Battlestar Galactica episode, but also Red State's chances of becoming a reality.

Smith's Horror Titled

Though many people who aren’t as embedded in this genre as much as we are may not understand it, there are many different levels of "horror". One of the truest and yet most dividing kind of horror is the kind that can and does take place in everyday life, though for the sake of fiction and "entertainment", as it were, its usually taken to an extreme.

Kevin Smith Almost in Horror

It may not be the horror movie he keeps saying he’s going to do next, but according to Production Weekly Kevin Smith is inching closer to our genre with his next gig.

Smith Talks Horror Again

Yet more from Kevin Smith on his proposed horror film showed up over on Aussie site Moviehole today, as Smith was just in the Land Down Under to promote Clerks 2. One of Moviehole’s reporters was in attendance for Smith’s appearance, where he was, of course, barraged with inquires about the horror film he plans to make next.

Smith Talks Horror

I know everyone’s either really excited, cautiously optimistic, or downright impassive about the idea of Kevin Smith making a horror movie (read the first story here). Does he really have what it takes to scare us, or will it be another dialogue-heavy snooze fest?

*UPDATED* View Askew Horror?

A reader just dropped us a line with the heads up that something very strange might be going down in Kevin Smith’s View Askew universe soon.