Zak Bagans Vs. Praga Khan: Necrofusion - Immortal Portal


Bagans explains the story behind the song, ?The spirit voices in this song were also captured in my home. On this particular night, I immediately grabbed the recording devices after a severe paranormal incident made a friend of mine leave my house. As I began rolling, I asked a series of questions with no response, but when I asked, ?Why are you following me?? a very dark voice came through confessing, ?I killed myself.? Intrigued I asked, ?What is your name?? ?then a female voice very clearly told me ?Rhonda.? I then asked her if she messes with me in my sleep, seeing as one evening months earlier, I was dragged out of my bed by my ankles. She replied, ?I do? in an amusing tone as if she enjoyed messing with me. Again, this female voice lends to my attachments of a dark demonic entity and a possessive female spirit.?

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