The Secret of Crickley Hall - Preview


The Secret of Crickley Hall - Preview
Based on the novel by best-selling British scribe James Herbert, the thriller begins a year after the disappearance of Cam, the son of Gabe Caliegh (Tom Ellis, "The Fades") and Eve Caleigh (Suranne Jones, "Doctor Who"). As the couple and their two daughters attempt to start anew, they head to Crickley Hall ? a seemingly perfect countryside house. But when cellar doors start to open on their own, phantom children's cries are heard through the night, and a frenzied cane-wielding specter rears its head ? the Caleighs realize the house comes with a lot more than they bargained for. Just as they?re ready to move out, Eve Caleigh hears Cam's cries and all bets are off.

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