Return to Castlerama - Official trailer


The beautiful art of Return To Castlerama, matched to classic adventure style gameplay, is showcased in this newly released video from developer Codenrama.
R2C, which displays stunningly on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, captures an atmosphere of intrigue and mystery -- there's an underlying feeling of menace behind these beautiful scenes. The video also features the full orchestral soundtrack which plays throughout the game.
Return To Castlerama mixes narrative elements of the supernatural, with family intrigue, and features a number of different playing styles to complete.
The player takes the role of a young man called David, who must overcome zombies, a dragon and other monsters, and solve puzzles, riddles, and card games, in his quest to save the village of Castlerama and the surrounding Gorendal Valley, from the curse of the evil Artaserses.
Along the way there are eye-catching 'tarot' cards to be collected, which form an integral part of the end-game.
Return to Castlerama will be available from June 20 in the App Store.

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