Red Lights - DVD Clip


Red Lights follows Tom Buckley (Murphy), the assistant to veteran paranormal expert Dr. Margaret Matheson (Sigourney Weaver), who makes it her job to prove metaphysical phenomena to be nothing more than elaborate hoaxes being played by creative scam artists. They've traveled the globe together in search of proof, never finding anything that can credibly prove the existence of a single true psychic or the like.

But the one 'scam artist' that Dr. Matheson has never been able to disprove is the legendary psychic Simon Silver (Robert DeNiro), a charismatic showman of sorts whose return to the spotlight raises tensions for both Dr. Matheson and Tom, leaving them to question their respective beliefs in parapsychological and metaphysical phenomena. When Silver's abilities continue to defy any sort of logical explanation, Tom's obsession grows into a deadly obsession, one that pushes Dr. Matheson to the brink.

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