The Rambler - Trailer


In the film, a stranger known only as ?the Rambler? (Mulroney) is just released from prison and anxious to build a new life for himself. Coming home to a faithless girlfriend (Lyonne), he quickly realizes his old life is truly behind him. With the promise of a job and some stability from his brother, the Rambler embarks on a cross-country journey to what hopefully is a new start.

Like Odysseus and other travelers on the road-to-wisdom before him, the Rambler ? armed only with his cowboy hat, shades, a guitar and traveling sack ? will encounter all manner of obstacles and dangers on his road to redemption, including a scientist with a dream-recording (onto VHS!) machine, a cab driver with an unnatural love of the original Frankenstein film, ?mummies? in the back of trucks and, oh ? did I mention exploding heads?

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