Official Deadlight Diaries Part 5: Getting Out Alive


The Tequila Works team discusses how they prototype and construct challenges and puzzles. As level designer Manuel Mendiluce puts it: "We don't reward killing as such; we reward getting out alive!" Interesting insights into the development process from the level designers and other members of the production team...

The cinematic puzzle platformer Deadlight, one of the key releases of Summer of Arcade on Xbox LIVE Arcade, arrives on Steam just in time for Halloween!

Set In an apocalyptic world in 1986 on the US Pacific Coast, Deadlight is a narrative driven experience. Randall, our hero, is alone, introverted and slightly paranoid. His enemies are hordes of the undaad and they react as a swarm to the player's presence. They are a threat alone, deadly in groups. Your priority is in dividing their packs. But be careful, the environment is a character itself; there are deadly traps and a misstep means death.

Deadlight arrives with a dedicated version for PC including improved graphics, a new nightmare mode and the full OST. Be prepared, join the Deadlight crew on PC on October 25th.

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