House in the Alley - English Trailer


A young married couple had just suffered through a terrible tragedy of losing their first-born child from a miscarriage. Thanh and Thao are a young successful couple living in Saigon who were about to begin a new happy chapter in their lives, starting with their first born child. However, that dream ended abruptly when Thao had complications throughout her pregnancy period, ending in the worst scenario, a miscarriage.

Life would never be the same for this young couple. Ever since the tragic day, Thanh sees a drastic change in Thao?s emotion and immediately becomes concerned. It seems that moving on will be harder than they had anticipated, even with continuing with the everyday tasks seems challenging.

As the young couple tries every effort to move on they are suddenly met with unusual and uninvited encounters; loud footsteps are heard, scratches on walls and vandalized furniture are seen, even children whispering and brief shadows are seen. These paranormal activities get worst when Thao mistakenly believes that these were caused by their unborn son haunting them, and she becomes gravitating to the evil forces. Tri is forced to choose between his wife and the forces he has trouble believing and is not sure even exists.

Thao becomes almost unrecognizable as the paranormal takes over her body. Thanh sees his wife?s sanity worsen every moment and is tormented by thought of losing his wife. It?s a race against time to save his wife and Thanh must try to puzzle all the mysterious information and revelations he finds about the House, a secret he will realize many wanted to forget.

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