Ghost Trek: The Kinsey Report - Part 4


In this webisode, the PUDS team (Paranormal Underworld Detective Society) continue their search for the ghostly pageant princess, Tyler Rae Kinsey, strangled to death in the basement of her Colorado home. Guy Swisher finds Tyler Rae's mom had no fashion sense. The Goon Squad are watching hockey and drinking pink smoothies. Robbie and Ray-Ray attempt to fix the basement cameras and hear what appears to be a little girl's voice resonate from the darkness singing "Ring around the Rosie" - a song about the "Black Plague". Scary Carrie and Shawna stumble upon a visual effects photo shoot of the "Ghost of Rasputin" - Shawna hired a melodramatic Vaudevillian to recreate evidence for the "From Russia with Love" episode. Meanwhile, Dr. Zeke, Robbie and Ray-Ray all lose power in their flashlights as the Ghost of Tyler Rae Kinsey appears. Carrie meets her nemesis; the cute college newbie, Jules Partridge, recently hired by Harvey's office. And don't forget to watch all the way through the credits for the hilarious surprise ending!

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