Ghost Trek: The Kinsey Report - Part 3


In this webisode, the PUDS team (Paranormal Underworld Detective Society) gears up on their ghost hunt for "Tyler Rae Kinsey" a child beauty queen strangled to death with a jump rope in her Colorado home. Joey Mayhem and the Bomb would rather sit the investigation out, due to an impending Islanders game they want to watch, plus they're a little weary of the "cursed" dwelling. Dr. Zeke decides he'll entice the tech specialists, Robbie and Ray-Ray, with some strip club funny money but can't find them on the grounds. Once Zeke discovers Robbie and Ray-Ray hiding in the research van, he learns they have their own reservations regarding the haunted history of the case. With a little coaxing Zeke, convinces Robbie and Ray-Ray to participate. After sundown, the investigation begins and some of the equipment goes on the fritz. Guy, the psychic, senses a "possible demonic entity"

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