Blood of the Werewolf - (Wii U eShop) Retro Commercial Trailer


Players will step into the shoes of Selena who is the last of her kind, the Wolf Clan. Selena learned all of her abilities from her parents who were refugees from a genocide on werewolves that took place in Europe. At age 13, Selena begin using her wolf abilities to fight and kill her first prey which allowed her to be presented with the sigil of the Wolf Clan. Selena later finds her soul mate in which she marries, Marko, and then move to a farm house far away from everyone. The couple soon have their first child and name him Nickoli, but the happiness and joy do not last for long. Selena one day discovers the body of her murdered husband and that her son is missing. This is where the journey begins over the course of one full moon where she must venture across the houses of Frankenstein, Jekyll and Dracula to find her son.

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