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Fantastic Arcade Tickets on Sale Tomorrow!

Fantastic Arcade, from the good folks behind Fantastic Fest, really might be on to something here. Sure, E3 is awesome, but what about a festival dedicated to the oddly fantastic world of genre gaming (sorry guys, but I'm looping sci-fi and fantasy in there, too ... don't stone me)? If you're in the Austin, Texas, area or have the means to book a flight, by all means, do it!

Next Tomb Raider Game Will Be Survival Horror

Buxom video game archaeologist Lara Croft is one of the most recognizable faces in all of gaming, and the Tomb Raider franchise, like any ongoing series, has endured its own share of ups and downs. In an effort to keep things fresh, US-based developer Crystal Dynamics is looking to throw Lady Croft into her most dangerous adventure yet – fighting for her survival against an army of vicious creatures!