Victoria Price

Celebrate the Vincentennial with Horror Master Price's Daughter in Chicago

How many names in the All-Time Horror Hall of Fame rank higher than that of Vincent Price? Not too damn many. In the world of horror Vincent Price is Babe Ruth, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison ... a master and an innovator. He took an entire genre and elevated it with his performances. To celebrate the fact that Price would have turned 100 this year, the Portage Theater in Chicago, Illinois, has a special evening planned.

The Vincent Price Legacy Heading to Utah on October 15th

You don't hear much about horror in Utah, but this October 15th The Vincent Price Legacy with Victoria Price (Vincent's daughter) heads to the historic Murray Theatre, 4961 S. State Street, Murray, UT, for a very special evening. And that's just the beginning. There will also be a screening of The Tingler just like William Castle did it back in the day along with the winners of this year's Demon Chaser Film Challenge.

100 Years of Vincent Price: Victoria Price on Growing Up with a Legend for a Father

Undoubtedly, actor Vincent Price’s life-long dedication to art has been long overshadowed by his significant contributions to the horror genre since most fans may not even be aware that he was an avid supporter of the arts.