Vicious Circle Films

Cuddle Up with 4 Dead Girls This October!

If you thought your landlord was bad, take comfort in the fact that he or she could be a whole lot worse. Get ready to meet the worst landlord of all time in a new film that promises to swallow your soul!

An American Ghost Story DVD Art Materializes

Just in time for Breaking Glass Pictures and Vicious Circle Films' August 20th DVD release of An American Ghost Story from director Derek Cole, we now have the official DVD artwork for you cats to dig on!

An American Ghost Story Floats Onto DVD Later This Summer

Breaking Glass Pictures and Vicious Circle Films have announced the August 20th DVD release of An American Ghost Story from director Derek Cole. The film was written by and stars Stephen Twardokus.

Check Out the Mind-Blowing Body Count in The Summer of Massacre

Lots of horror films claim to have insane body counts. However, only one claims to have had it verified by Guinness World Records. The Summer of Massacre anthology film boasts eight slashers introduced across five stories throughout the film and a body count that may be the biggest of all time. Wow, that's quite the pile of dead.

iCrime Uploads Onto DVD September 27th

How about a murder-mystery horror film filled with plot twists, action ... oh, and a boatload of hotties running around. Well, sailor, iCrime is just the film you've been looking for.

Vicious Circle Films Bringing The Hide to DVD in September

Breaking Glass Pictures’ Vicious Circle Films label will release director Marek Losey’s The Hide on DVD September 6th. The taut thriller follows a lonesome birdwatcher who encounters a man on the run while in the isolated mudflats of Suffolk.

Eric Fischer's Chilling Debut The Anniversary at Shallow Creek to Drop on DVD July 5

From the baseball diamond to the silver screen, former pro baller Eric Fischer and his beautiful wife, Brianna Lee Johnson, will share acting and producing credits on Breaking Glass Pictures' new release The Anniversary at Shallow Creek. Directed by Jon D. Wagner, the slick looking film will be released on DVD under the Vicious Circle Films label on July 5th.

Release Information for Gregg Holtgrewe's Dawning

There's no shortage of "Family in Peril" or "Something in the Woods" movies out there, but even a cynical horror fan like myself has to admit it seems like there is something more there with Gregg Holtgrewe’s Dawning.