CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Rewind This! on DVD and VHS!

One of the greatest VHS documentaries you'll ever see, Rewind This! (review), is getting set to make its VHS and DVD debut this week, and right now we have your chance to score copies of both free! Who doesn't like free?

Rewind This! (2013)

Starring Atom Egoyan, Mamoru Oshii, Jason Eisener, Lloyd Kaufman Directed by Josh Johnson

New Documentary Rewind This! Now Available for Pre-Order

Though nowadays you'd be hard pressed to find anything but DVDs and Blu-rays in the collections of most movie fans, their VHS tapes long ago sold for mere pennies at yard sales, you'd be quite incorrect to consider the VHS tape dead and the era of its importance gone and forgotten.

Horror Decor Reveals the Ultimate Horror VHS Collectible

The lunatics over at Horror Decor continue to find new and monstrous ways to keep us comfy, and you're about to see one of the single coolest damn things to ever come across our desks... a VHS pillow complete with interchangeable horror labels from your favorite horror flicks. Check it out!

Analog Terrors: A Post-Mortem of Lunchmeat 7

Issue #7 of Lunchmeat is now on sale via The Meat Market, and rather than do a typical review, we thought we'd post this post-mortem and include a look at a few pages from it. Check it out!

V/H/S Now Available on VHS!

Are you the type of person who's so obsessive about the movies you love that you simply must own everything? If so, then this one is for you! The anthology horror film V/H/S is NOW AVAILABLE on VHS format here in the US.

V/H/S Coming to the US… on VHS!

You knew it had to happen. Last year's hit anthology horror film V/H/S will soon be available…wait for it… on VHS format here in the US. And with the sequel S-V/H/S, premiering at Sundance this weekend, the announcement couldn't have happened at a better time.

Chris Haberman's VHS Misadventures

Need to ask a favor, folks. Here’s the deal: Months ago my wife and I and our friend John, whom you will meet later, decided to utilize our precious vacation time to rent a car and drive from our native Kentucky to Colorado. The goal was just to see what happened along the way. We departed on a Friday night with no reservations and a minimum of must-see destinations (the Badlands were imperative; the rest could be bypassed according to our whims at that time, at that moment).

The Mutilation Man Returns…on VHS! Now That’s Old School!

Here is your chance to be the first person on your block (and probably in the whole damn neighborhood) to hold a brand new VHS tape over your head and proclaim, “Bow down to The Mutilation Man!” Of course you should be forewarned that performing this kind of unorthodox act could have negative repercussions, but thanks to the good people at Coppfilms, you can do it.

The Return of Analog Terrors!

I remember going to video stores when I was a kid and being fascinated by the horror VHS boxes. Some were cut and inserted into clamshells, while others went unsevered, poorly wrapped in plastic, splattered with stickers and stuffed with Styrofoam -- the true terror trash like The House that Dripped Blood (presented by Elvira) was hidden in big boxes. The art was lurid and a bit off in places (did the Trancers VHS illustration ever capture Tim Thomerson?). Names like Vestron, Wizard, Media, Medusa made up my childhood and scared me even before I fell under the spell of horror.