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ABC Sets a Premiere Date for 666 Park Avenue

ABC's fall schedule is pretty light on horror, but the network does have one new show we're looking forward to: "666 Park Avenue". We already knew it will be airing on Sunday nights, but now we know exactly when it'll be hitting the airwaves.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: 666 Park Avenue Photo Gallery and New Promo Video

A new promo video has arrived for ABC's upcoming new series "666 Park Avenue" so we figured what better time than now to share that along with the photo gallery we shot during our SDCC 2012 roundtable interviews (click here) with the stars and creators.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Cast and Creators Talk 666 Park Avenue

With horror being the hottest trend on TV, ABC brought "666 Park Avenue" to the San Diego Comic-Con, where we had a chance to watch the pilot and panel and then chat with the cast and creators of the show. Color us definitely intrigued by what we've seen so far!

666 Park Avenue to Become Erik Palladino's Regular Address

We had a lot of fun with Erik Palladino in Dead & Breakfast so are glad to see him return to the genre in the new ABC series "666 Park Avenue", especially now that he's moved up from a guest appearance in the pilot to a regular, playing Tony DeMeo, a doorman at The Drake apartments.

New Promo Posters for 666 Park Avenue Are Heavy on Sex but Light on Scares

Everyone knows sex sells so it's no surprise ABC is focusing on the seductive side of its new series "666 Park Avenue" in these new promo posters, but we definitely prefer the spookier aspects of the network's original artwork. In any event, check 'em all out right here!

A Seductive New Teaser for ABC's 666 Park Avenue

A quick teaser promo has arrived for ABC's "666 Park Avenue", and we like what we're seeing from this new series about The Drake, where evil, obsession, and supernatural occurrences are all included in the rent.

Writer David Wilcox Talks 666 Park Avenue

Horror on TV has never been hotter, and everyone is scrambling to find the next big scary thing. Writer David Wilcox, who's worked on "Law & Order," ABC's "Life on Mars," and Fox's "Fringe," recently talked about how latest project, "666 Park Avenue", relates to the book and lots more.

ABC's 666 Park Avenue to Air on Sunday Nights; Read the Full Series Synopsis & Watch the Trailer

ABC is adding one new genre show to its fall lineup, and we're definitely looking forward to it. But did they have to put it on Sunday nights? Isn't that night full enough already? Anyway, read on for more details and to get a look at the cast and new trailer.

ABC Ready to Move Into 666 Park Avenue

Nope, we're not done with the TV news today, but at least this latest bit is encouraging for genre fans. Word has just broken that ABC has picked up Warner Bros. TV's spooky drama "666 Park Avenue" starring fan favorite Terry O'Quinn.

Erik Palladino Takes up Residence at 666 Park Avenue

More casting news is coming in for ABC's dark new series "666 Park Avenue", which is out to prove what a devilish place New York City can be. Trust me; after living in Brooklyn for over thirty years, I speak from experience!

Helena Mattsson Makes the Move to 666 Park Avenue

The casting news continues for ABC's dark new series "666 Park Avenue", and this time a woman who has dealt with everyone from Iron Man to Seven Psychopaths is moving on in, and we think she'll be right at home!

More Casting News for 666 Park Avenue

Could we possibly have any more casting news today? No really! We need some more! In any event another resident has checked into ABC's devilish new spooker, "666 Park Avenue", and this particular desperate housewife is still smokin' hot!