NOT SAFE FOR WORK: First Images from Vampyres

In 1974 director José Ramón Larraz released a blood-soaked erotic film called Vampyres, which told the tale of a lesbian vampire couple who would waylay and abduct various passers-by, both male and female, to hold them captive at their rural manor... as a means to make them midnight snacks.

DVD Releases: 3/30/10: Tell Girly I Sell the Dead in the Voice of a Murderer

And we go from the bounty of last week's home video releases to the near famine of March 30th, where the pick of the week is without question I Sell the Dead. Although, based on its cover alone, the DVD I'm most curious about is 1951's The Tiger's Claw (Der Tiger Akbar) from West Germany.

Blue Underground Unleashing Vampyres on Blu-ray

Blue Underground is releasing yet another vintage film on Blu-ray! This one is filled with lots of vampires, lesbians, gore, ... and oh yeah, lesbians! Man, how we love lesbians.