Vamps (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Alicia Silverstone, Sigourney Weaver, Krysten Ritter, Dan Stevens, Malcolm McDowell, Richard Lewis, Wallace Shawn, Kristen Johnson, J

Several New Vamps Clips Put the Bite On

In anticipation of Anchor Bay Films' release of Vamps on Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow, November 13th, we have a casket full of new clips to get you into the spirit of things. And Sigourney Weaver, if you're reading this, feel free to bite us any time!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Amy Heckerling's Vamps on DVD

Vamps is heading to home video on November 13th following its limited theatrical release, and Anchor Bay Films has provided us with three (3) copies of the DVD to give away to some lucky Dread Central readers. Read on for the details.

Vamps Puts the Bite on Home Video

On November 13th, Anchor Bay Films releases Vamps on Blu-ray and DVD! Director Amy Heckerling (Clueless, Fast Times at Ridgemont High) reunites with Alicia Silverstone for a fang-tastic new comedy about two eternally young party girls navigating the dating world in the Big City.

New Vamps Trailer and One-Sheet Lack Bite

It would be unfair to judge Amy Heckerling's Vamps just yet as we haven't watched it, but after seeing the new one-sheet and this trailer, yeah, we can tell you that the whole affair looks to be very sex and the shitty.

Anchor Bay Finally Announces its Vamps Release Plans

It was several months ago when we first heard that Anchor Bay would be releasing Amy Heckerling's new horror comedy Vamps, but no details were announced. That's been fixed now as we have info on when and how you'll be able to see it.

Anchor Bay Vamps Out

Looking forward to Amy Heckerling's new horror comedy Vamps starring the impressive cast of Alicia Silverstone, Krysten Ritter, Sigourney Weaver, Richard Lewis, and Malcolm McDowell playing Vlad the Impaler, aka Dracula? Then have we got some good news for you!

Amy Heckerling Talks Vamps and More!

Amy Heckerling's new horror comedy Vamps recently screened as part of the BAMcinématek series this past Saturday, and Heckerling had a lot to say about blood, Twilight, and more! Read on.

TIFF 2011: Vamps Puts the Bite on Foreign Territories

Some pretty neat news coming out of the Toronto Film Festival pertaining to the Amy Heckerling horror comedy Vamps! The flick has scored a gaggle of foreign distro, and with any luck before the weekend's up we'll have some domestic news as well.

Glossy New Vamps One-Sheet

What do you get when you combine the one-sheet for The Rocky Horror Picture Show with the one-sheet for Fright Night Part II? Simple! The one-sheet for Amy Heckerling's toothy new comedy Vamps.

First Images from Vamps Show off Sigourney

And who wouldn't want to show off the still very much hot Sigourney Weaver? You get her and more in the first ever stills from Amy Heckerling's toothy new comedy Vamps. Read on for the goods.

Malcolm McDowell to Bare his Fangs as Vlad in Vamps

And the cast of Amy Heckerling's horror comedy Vamps just keeps on growing. We usually hate humor with our terror and would rather see vamps tearing throats out instead of mugging for the camera, but this one seems to be moving along just fine.

More Vamps Casting News - Wallace Shawn, Justin Kirk, Dan Stevens and Todd Barry Sign Up

More casting news has come in for Amy Heckerling's horror comedy Vamps, and instead of giving us a good bite on the neck, it looks like we'll just be getting some playful nips.

Vamps Adds Another New Cast Member: Kristen Johnston

Like Creepy said when he wrote up the recent news story about Richard Lewis joining the cast of Amy Heckerling's horror comedy Vamps, a lot of us prefer our genre fare to stick to the serious side, but considering Heckerling's track record, I'm willing to give Vamps a shot. And the news that Kristen Johnston has joined the cast only increases the likelihood of the film being a winner.

Richard Lewis Bites Back in Vamps

Comedy is said to be the perfect compliment to horror. Personally? I disagree. I like my horror serious and insane, but alas, I'm in the minority. A new cast member has signed on to Amy Heckerling's horror comedy Vamps that is sure to get some laughs in between all the biting!