A Preview of True Blood Episode 5.07 - In the Beginning

We're halfway through Season 5 of "True Blood", and while we're definitely liking it better than Season 4, we're a bit miffed they killed off one of our favorite new characters last night! But the preview for next week's ep features Russell (another of our faves) so we'll forgive them this time.

True Blood Season 5 Comic-Con Trailer

Ready to check out a preview of the second half of Season 5 of "True Blood"? Well then, thanks to Comic-Con, pull up a chair, grab a mint julep, and drink it in along with some highlights of the panel that took place during the event.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: The Vampire Diaries Panel STREAMING NOW!

Hey, "Vampire Diaries" fans! Want to see the panel for your favorite show live as it happens? Do so right here right NOW!

The Ecstasy of Isabel Mann Will Sate Your Hunger for Violent and Bloody Vampires

Here's another vampire flick, but this one is after the hearts of horror fans the world over with a tagline that suggests it'll deliver where most recent vampire forays have failed: "Vampires. Daylight. No Sparkles."

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Post-Apocalyptic Vampires vs. Zombies Flick Last Blood Secures Financing

Vampires continue to be all the rage. Sort of surprising considering how few films about them make any money at the box office. But here's a movie that has a pretty interesting premise. But will it make a good movie? I suppose we'll find out in the future.

A Pair of Clips from True Blood Episode 5.06 - Hopeless

With all the Comic-Con news we've been inundated with this week, we almost forgot about the regular stuff! But never fear - here's your weekly dose of "True Blood" previews for Episode 5.06, entitled "Hopeless".

The Vampire Diaries Nets A Badass

The Vampire Diaries is picking up another actor who will soon be making life hell for the fanged ones on the CW drama. At least, I assume so. I've never seen an episode and don't plan on starting now. But regardless, this guy looks like he should be able to take a few of those evil sons of bitches out!

An In-depth Look at True Blood Episode 5.06 - Hopeless

HBO must have picked up on the fact that a lot of "True Blood" fans really enjoyed the last episode because they've released a new featurette giving an in-depth look at the upcoming Episode 5.06, "Hopeless". Strike while the iron is hot, I always say!

A Preview of True Blood Episode 5.06 - Hopeless

This week's installment of "True Blood" was a nice return to form for the series so we're hoping for more good things from next Sunday's Episode 5.06, entitled "Hopeless". Here's a promo video for you to check out. But seriously, all we want is a good showdown between Russell and Roman, and we'll be happy.

First Look at the Trailer for Syfy's True Bloodthirst

Syfy has a new Original Movie heading our way on Saturday, July 14th, entitled True Bloodthirst; and we have a look at the trailer for the flick, in which humans and vampires must band together against a new hybrid type of super vampire.

A Pair of Clips from True Blood Episode 5.05 - Let's Boot and Rally

Ever wished you could be "Immortal"? Well, it's time for "The Final Countdown" to this week's episode of "True Blood", entitled "Let's Boot and Rally", and these two clips just might be your answer!

Three More Installments of Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden's Baltimore Coming from Dark Horse

Three more installments are headed our way of the critically acclaimed Baltimore series from celebrated comic artist Mike Mignola and award-winning novelist Christopher Golden. Read on for the details of when Dark Horse Comics will be releasing them.

In the UK? Don't Forget Grimm Up North's Vampire Sunday on 22nd July!

As part of the Manchester Fringe Festival, our friends at Grimm Up North will be presenting a special day of vampire movies and special guests at The Dancehouse on Oxford Road in Manchester. Read on for the details and schedule.

HBO Renews True Blood for a Sixth Season

Back in May it was announced that if HBO should decide to renew "True Blood", Alan Ball would be stepping down as showrunner, to be replaced by his co-executive producer Mark Hudis. Well, fangbangers, the inevitable has indeed taken place.

A Preview of True Blood Episode 5.05 - Let's Boot and Rally

Boot and Rally: to throw up after excessively drinking, then continuing to party and drink more. Yep, that could certainly apply to several characters on "True Blood" after the events of tonight's show. Maybe this preview of Episode 5.05, "Let's Boot and Rally", will narrow things down a bit.