Reed, Nikki (Twilight)

Being a metaphorical vamp was easier for Nikki Reed than being a real vampire. She survived her teenage seductress days, but playing Rosalie Cullen in the Twilight movie almost did her in. S

Barbeau, Adrienne (Vampyres of Hollywood)

Adrienne Barbeau. What more could be said about one of horror's greatest stars? Over the years she's entertained us in just about every conceivable way. After cutting her teeth writing her memoirs,

Hardwicke, Catherine & Meyer, Stephenie (Twilight)

During this past summer’s Comic Con, intrepid reporter Andrew Kasch braved the wilds of screaming girls to take place in a roundtable chat with Tw

Lefevre, Rachelle & Pattinson, Robert (Twilight)

In keeping with the tradition of saving the best for last, Andrew has provided us with a transcript of his roundtable chat during last summer's Comic Con with

Hardwicke, Catherine (Twilight)

Catherine Hardwicke has never faced such a beloved story before. I mean, the Bible is one thing for The Nativity Story. This is Twilight we're talkin