Fearnet's New 30 Days of Night Story

Before 30 Days of Night came out, Return to House on Haunted Hill helmer Victor Garcia directed a prequel series to the film called 30 Days of Night: Blood Trails that you could only find on the Comcast On Demand channel Fearnet.

Behind-the-Scenes of Twilight

Ah, yes! Cute kids! Bare branches! Wire work! You can just smell the happiness in the air when it comes to the cotton candy sweetness that is the upcoming slice of teeny-bopper horror Twilight.

The Original Lost Boys are Blu

Now that the hi-def format war is over, we can all rest easy and give in to the Blu-ray overlords. For our loyalty they will shower us with gifts of fried gold and sax men!

Burton on Dark Shadows Film?

It's been almost a year since it was first announced that Johnny Depp was working on bringing the 1960's supernatural soap opera "Dark Shadows" to the big screen, and since that announcement all has been very quiet about the project.

Dreadtime Stories: Adrienne Barbeau's Vampyres of Hollywood Excerpt!

We've had a good list of authors for our Dreadtime Stories podcast series so far, but really I never expected we'd get one from the one and only Adrienne Barbeau! The former scream queen has turned into a full-fledged author with the publication of her first ficition novel, Vampyres of Hollywood (review), and she was kind enough to record a quick Dreadtime Story for us because, well, we're just that cool!

Lost Boys DVD Details Revealed

Edgar Frog is going to have his work cut out for him. What are the odds that his newest adventure against Xtreme suckheads is going to garner the same kind of following that the original Lost Boys had? The follow-up does look to have a bit of promise, but without the sax man, it's just not going to be the same.

Dead Matter Locked, Trailer Soon!

Last night we got an email from Edward Douglas, one of the creative forces behind Midnight Syndicate and director of the upcoming film The Dead Matter, with an update on his directorial debut.

Dafoe Joins Cirque du Freak

I have to give it to the makers of Cirque du Freak; they sure managed to get an amazing cast to work with. Since the movie, an adaptation of the books by Darren Shan, was announced, names like John C. Reilly and Salma Hayek have jumped on board.

Behind Park Chan-wook's Thirst

A few days back some poster art for Chan-wook Park's first horror film, Thirst, showed up all over the place thanks to someone snapping a pic of it at Cannes, but I've been waiting for even a slightly better looking image of the damn thing. To date, I've had no luck so I guess we'll just have to use the one that's everywhere for now.

Countess Teaser, Darkness Plot

Women just don’t have the kind of devotion to men that they did back in the 16th Century, you know what I mean? When was the last time you had a girl willing to bathe in the blood of virgins so she could stay young enough to keep you interested in her? It’s been years for me...

Black Envelope Update! Mystery Solved!

NEW UPDATE: The good folks over at Screen Rant have gotten word from Devin at CHUD that all this craziness is surrounding HBO's new vampire series, "True Blood". Yay I can finally sleep at night!

Who Got the Black Envelope?

Over the years we've seen some bizarre viral marketing, but this new campaign may be the most intriguing yet. Yesterday I checked my mailbox to find a strange black envelope with no return address. It looked like an invitation and had a red seal with the letters "TB" on the back. Inside was the letter you see to your right (click to see it bigger)...

Lost Boys 2 Site Now Live!

Maybe, just maybe, the direct-to-video sequel to Lost Boys won't be so bad. Looking back, the original was fun for all the wrong reasons, so maybe this one will be too.

Hammer & Spitfire Merge

This isn’t really huge news, but it is a further indication that the new Hammer Films will be around for a while longer than most may have expected.