The Dead Matter Trailer is Live!

This Halloween Hot Topic has decided to celebrate all things dark and spooky (as opposed to their usual light & colorful tone) with the launch of a special Halloween website called, confusingly, T3n Th1rty One (that’s “Ten Thirty-One” for those of you struggling at home).

Exploitation Cinema: Cemetery Girls & Vampire Hookers (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring (Cemetery Girls) Paul Naschy, Haydée Politoff, Rosanna Yanni, Ingrid Garbo; (Vampire Hookers) John Carradine, Erna Martha Bauman, Mark Campbell, Vic Diaz

Universal Helps Fund Park's Thirst

Now this is the kind of news I like to end the week with! Variety reports this morning that Universal and Focus Features have jumped on board Old Boy director Chan-Wook Park’s Thirst, his vampire film that’s currently in production, putting in money and adding themselves as co-producers on the film.

True Blood: Strange Love (TV)

Reviewed by Debi Moore Starring Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell Written and directed by Alan Ball (series creator) Original Air Date September 7, 2008

Official Plot, First Art for Bat Out of Hell

Though it’s been kept under wraps since it was first announced, the official synopsis for the Drew McWeeny/Scott Swan-penned flick Bat Out of Hell, which is set to be directed by none other than Joe Dante, revealed its true nature over the weekend.

Official Let the Right One In Poster

I really don’t know how I feel about this or pretty much any other poster that’s come out for Let the Right One In. They’ve all got the same general color scheme and don’t really say anything at all about the movie. I find it strange since there are so many iconic shots in this film that could be better utilized.

Frankenhooker Star Returns for The Eternal

We just got a heads-up from the guys behind The Eternal, the feature film version of the kick ass short “Ending the Eternal” that’s in pre-production now, that the first casting decision has been made; and it’s unexpected to say the least!

Perkins Updates on Darkness, Evil

Prolific indie actor Lee Perkins (Katiebird: Certifiable Crazy Person) sent us an update this morning on a couple of his horror projects, and since he’s a cool guy and you all are cool readers, I thought it only right to share.

Netherbeast Announces Limited Theatrical Run!

Here’s the latest scoop from the desk of Brian Ronalds at the offices of Netherbeast Incorporated.

Ready for More Twilight Vids?

Twilight, oh how the little girls scream for it. Twilight, oh how their boyfriends will hate it. Twilight, oh how tired I am of it...

Alex Proyas and Realistic Vampires

Alex Proyas (Dark City) had many of us wondering just what he was going to do with the Dracula name when he spoke briefly about the project at SDCC 08. Indeed Mr. Proyas has great vision, but what could he bring to the vampire world that we haven't already seen before?

Twilight Undergoing Reshoots!

I know Syxx usually likes to handle all the Twilight news himself, but as a belated birthday present, I thought I'd give him a break and cover this update.

Moore Wants Wahlberg for Virulents

John Moore, the director who showed up with an almost shot-for-shot remake of The Omen a few years back before going on to (possibly) redeeming himself with a badass Max Payne film, thinks we’re all being way too serious these days.

Unstable Ground Announces Eternal Feature

Just got some good news from the folks at Unstable Ground that a feature film version of their cool vampire short film “Ending the Eternal” is on its way.

Twilight Comes Early!

News flash! Teenage girls all over America have been shitting themselves with anticipation over the big screen adaptation of the phenomenon known as Twilight! As a means to quell the messy epidemic, Warner Brothers has bumped up the release date for the Catherine Hardwicke film to November 21, 2008, instead of in December as originally planned.