Red Band Trailer Premiere for Kiss of the Damned

The official red band trailer for the latest vampire flick on the block, Kiss of the Damned, has made its way to the interwebs and we have a look at it for you. Read on to quench your lust for blood!

Sink Your Teeth into the First Clip from Kiss of the Damned

There will be a lot of kissing going on today, so it's only right that the first clip from the latest vampire flick on the block, Kiss of the Damned, makes its way to the interwebs. This chick knows how to put the red in Valentine's Day!

Claire Holt Following Her Vampire Brothers to The CW's The Originals

It looks like Rebekah's rekindled relationship with Stefan on "The Vampire Diaries" is coming to an end as Claire Holt, the actress who portrays the lovely original vampire, is heading to "The Originals," the "TVD" spinoff that has already ensnared her two remaining brothers.

New Kiss of the Damned One-Sheet Celebrates the Classics

The new vampire flick Kiss of the Damned is hitting iTunes/On Demand March 28, 2013, and theaters May 3, 2013; and to celebrate its arrival, Magnet has released a truly classic one-sheet we consider to be in the right vein of things!

NBC's Dracula Finds its Van Helsing and More!

Two more have lined up to offer their blood to the new NBC miniseries based upon everyone's favorite O.G. vampire "Dracula," and we've got the scoop along with a necklace made of garlic to help keep the bloodsuckers at bay.

Charles Michael Davis Lands Role of Klaus' Protege Marcus in The Originals

When word first came of "The Originals," a spinoff of "The Vampire Diaries" on The CW, a major character named Marcel was yet to be cast, but that's changed now. Read on for the details.

Dracula Attracts a Smurfy Second Leading Lady for NBC

So what if the Super Bowl is on? We don't vacation. Especially when there's blood to be spilled. Speaking of which, THR reports that Irish actress Victoria Smurfit has been tapped to play Lady Jayne in the NBC's 10-episode series.

The CW Adds Some Witches Brew to The Originals

"The Vampire Diaries" spin-off "The Originals" is casting up, and the latest addition is Daniella Pineda, who has landed a regular role in the potential series, the backdoor pilot for which airs April 25th.

International Byzantium Trailer Packing Some Bite

An international trailer for Neil Jordan's Byzantium (review here) has finally arrived on the interwebs, and we've gotta say it's looking pretty good. Lord knows its stars look beyond good. Get out your stakes, and check it out!

FEARnet's February Programming Includes All Five Exorcist Films and a Sweepstakes

Nothing says “I love you” like FEARnet this February with an horrific heart-shaped box full of premieres, prizes, and stunts kicked off by the world television debut of Lost Boys: The Thirst on February 3 and "The Complete Exorcist Marathon" on February 17.

Two More Expose Their Necks to Daniel Knauf's Dracula

Though teenage vampires are no doubt the flavor of the month (year? decade?), only one bloodsucker has the staying power to keep on truckin'... or suckin' for that matter. I speak of course of the O.G. himself, "Dracula," and we have some more casting news for you!

Confirmed: Elijah Will Be Joining Brother Klaus for The Originals

In what should come as no surprise given his rabid fan following (including several members of the DC staff), Daniel Gillies, who plays the original vampire known as Elijah, will be joining his brother Klaus in The CW's "Vampire Diaries" spin-off "The Originals."

Daniel Knauf's Dracula Finds His Mina

We are still as giddy as schoolgirls regarding the news that the creator of "Carnivale" is bringing the world a new series about "Dracula." The possibilities are endless, we tell ya! In any event more casting news has hit the interwebs.

The CW Eying The Originals as a Potential Spin-Off of The Vampire Diaries

Some interesting news has come in regarding a possible spin-off of The CW's uber popular series "The Vampire Diaries" that would be centered around and be called "The Originals." Read on for the details!

Exclusive: The Butcher Brothers Talk Broken Families, Future Projects and More for The Thompsons

This week The Butcher Brothers' latest project, The Thompsons, arrived on Blu-Ray and DVD everywhere, and to mark the occasion, Dread Central caught up with the filmmaking duo, Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores, to chat about the sequel to the 2006 modern vampire flick The Hamiltons.